Stay at home – 21 days challenge by Dr. Khushbu Pandya

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Why not do something amazing for the next 21 days and stay inspired, motivated and productive all by just being at home. Let’s take our mind to a retreat. Let’s help ourselves to live a Happy and Healthy Life. Let’s stay home & be a change agent for our country. Let’s together make the most of these 21 DAYS.

Why this challenge?

We are going through a tough times right now and We are all in this Together. This 21 days challenge of staying home may be challenging and we might loose our focus or mindfulness. I see this as a great opportunity of all times. We are at the comfort of our own homes and for which we should be highly grateful. So, let’s make use of this time and do something productive and positive. This #21dayschallenge aims to provide a sense of unity and creativity. It will help you :

  • Stay inspired
  • Stay Motivated
  • Get creative
  • Be productive
  • Develop healthy
  • habits
  • Loose weight
  • Increase your
  • brand awareness
  • Get organised in work from home life 
  • Manage stress
  • Bond with your target audience
  • Build emotional connect with your family & friends
  • Generate new ideas
  • Create positivity around yourself
  • Learn new skills
  • Learn to be grateful
  • Develop mindfulness
  • Work life balance
  • Be a better YOU

About the Author

Dr. Khushbu Pandya

Social Media Educator, Strategist & Coach, Helping Business Owners, Social Media managers & Creatives achieve social media success since 2008.Social Media Changed My Life in 2008, as I ended up being India’s 1st Person to hold a Ph.D. in Social Media Management. Quick Look at other Major Achievements:- TEDx Speaker- Authored a Book, published from Texas, USA- Trained 50,000+ individuals & 1000+ businesses- Featured Times of India, Divya Bhaskar, Connect Gujarat, Mompreneurs India, eChai, Bangalore Insider, DailyHunt, Social Samosa, etcSince a decade of managing and educating businesses in various verticals, you will find me on every major social media platforms, sharing tips and secrets on growing business through digital.

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Stay At Home

21 Days Challenge

by Dr. Khushbu Pandya

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