Mobile Journalism – A #KonvoConnect Recap

Mobile Journalism – A #KonvoConnect Recap

by Dr Khushbu Pandya July 27, 2018

The mobile phone has enabled journalists to access their work stations everywhere they go. Mobile Journalism also known as MOJO, is an emerging form of new media storytelling where reporters use portable electronic devices with network connectivity to gather, edit and distribute news from his or her community.

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This week on #KonvoConnect we talked  about everything from what is Mobile Journalism, What changes led us to Mobile Journalism, how technology is changing journalism, What is its future and a lot more. about Mobile Journalism in Detail. Read on to discover!

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Q1: Do you know what is Mobile Journalism?

Top Tweets:

  • What Abhsiar Sharma does in his Facebook live, sharing his thoughts to his followers and audience is Mobile journalism. It’s platform where journalists speak their heart out without pressure from media houses. 

Q2: What changes led us to Mobile Journalism?

Top Tweets:

  • Internet penetration, availability of an unbiased forum to speak, no pressure from bug corporate houses who advertise media channels and in a way format a news pattern, and audience acceptance & adaptability are few things. 
  • Tsunami of information to all over world (Positive or Negative) in seconds. 
  • What freedom of press could not bring, internet has brought it and mobile journalism is one of them. 
  • I think user generated content through mobile devices led us to mobile journalism. 

Q3: Technology is changing Journlaism. Agree or Not?

Top Tweets:

  • 100% Agreed, it’s giving even platform to all to speak their minds. Everyone of us is a small media house in ourselves now. 
  • Yes it has changed vastly.. I think would share his experience on his journey from traditional to digital. 
  • Getting little sensible and easy to cross check for journalists also. 
  • is just a tool, how we use it depends on the human mind. And rest is all known… 
  • Agree..It easily help to find plagiarism. 
  • Technology made Journalism bit challenging. 
  • Agreed. It has made journalistic media accessible and transformed it into various forms which make the information more comprehend-ible. 

Q4: Mobile devices led us to vertical video. How much do you love or hate it?

Top Tweets:

  • Amateurs shoot on their smartphones almost universally. Among “professionals” it has been grudugingly accepted in news (mojo) and advertising in the last two or three years. Currently music Vertical Videos are “where it’s at”. 
  • I love that fact as change is always good! Also vertical video is more adaptive as we are use to seeing apps, websites and entire internet vertically these days. 

Q5:What future do you see with Mobile Journalism?

Top Tweets:

  • It’s grace of the technology that we’re enjoying Mobile-Journalism but validating them has always been major concern. 
  • Precise information in seconds (But no guarantee of Half or Wrong Info. 
  • Sky is the limit. As all the leading media housed too have adapted mobile journalism. And to take wrong there are fact checking websites which are doing their bit too. 
  • Increased dependency on localised content from micro influencers, targeting topical events that impact a larger section of audiences Plus rural-ification of news language being consumed owing to widened reach to smaller townships. 

With a powerful medium and a device we all hold this responsibility to spread the authentic news and articles. Do share with us your reviews on #KonvoConnect – Konvophilia’s weekly twitter chat.

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