Knowing IGTV- A #KonvoConnect Recap

Knowing IGTV- A #KonvoConnect Recap

by Dr Khushbu Pandya July 19, 2018

Instagram in its recent update launched a new feature IGTV for watching long-form, vertical video from your favorite Instagram creators. IGTV is a new opportunity for brands and influencers to engage and strengthen bonds with its businesses and audiences.

So this week on #KonvoConnect we thought of knowing IGTV in detail and share all that we know with our Community.


Read on to discover insights shared during the chat!

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Q1: What is IGTV?

Top Tweets:

  • IGTV to me is 10 minutes and for verified accounts it may be even an hour., which will soon replace the TV sets. It will boost content generators and easy the day to day life of influencers. 
    • Do you see any threats to
    • No I don’t see a direct threat to YouTube. As UI of YouTube is much better, also as a platform people don’t want to see serious stuff on Instagram. For entertainment videos to a very small extent may be.

Q2: What are some unique features of IGTV?

Top Tweets:

  • Extended time limit, vertical video format and Instagrams feature of IGTV within Instagram. 
  • Longer Sessions and Separate Screening Options. 
  • Verticle video format is indeed something

Q3: Is IGTV a competition to Youtube?

Top Tweets:

  • I don’t think is a competition to
  • Yes it is.! Atleast your feed won’t get flooded with spam videos & this is where youtube will get tough competition by loosing avg. watch time.!! 
  • It is in a way a competition, but since it is mobile only… it is targeting a very small market? 
    • Ain’t upcoming era is a mobile world ?? Even is gearing up for mobile.!!
    • No. Mobile has UI-UX issues, due to the small screen.

Q4: What editing apps do you recommend for making IGTV?

Top Tweets:

One can also use mobile apps like Imovie(Iphone), Go pro, Filmora, RFV and a lot more! Do you want us to write a separate blog for vertical video editing apps? Let us know in the comments below!

Our community shares valuable insights with us through #KonvoConnect chats and we present you these recaps so that you don’t miss out on any information. If you have a topic recommendation, tweet us and let us know what you would like to discuss. We have planned an amazing session for next friday. The topic for the coming #Konvoconnect chat is Mobile Journalism, so see you there 🙂 Don’t miss this out because following this chat we are having another interesting event planned on the same topic.

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