Facebook Pages – A #KonvoConnect Recap

Facebook Pages – A #KonvoConnect Recap

by Dr Khushbu Pandya June 11, 2018

Having a Facebook page is one thing and operating it effectively and growing through it is another. The algorithms governing the Facebook Pages are mysterious and have their own ways. So this  #Konvoconnect we thought of digging a little deeper and having a chat with our community about it.

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Q1: How useful & convenient are facebook pages for business promotion?

Top Tweets:

  • When looking for a business or organization, many go to Facebook first. You’re bringing your entity to where your customers and clients are. And they’re accustomed to finding special promotions there. 
  • Not only they are useful and convenient but there are people who run business from the pages. Unlike own websites these are free. For established brands Facebook pages are a must to communicate. And yes Facebook is still the boss of SM! 
  • It is most efficient as is the new  

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Q2: Have Facebook Pages replaced the need for having a website?

Top Tweets:

  • No. Website is concise and has greater coverage of a brand whereas Facebook Page is limited to one post at a time. 
  • Mostly no. Individuals, companies and organizations should not rely entirely on another platform, which could change tomorrow (and has its own security flaws). Also, Facebook does not customize designs. Websites and resources are designed for specific audiences. 
  • Not completely but to an extent. Infact Facebook page is the major route through which a person decided whether to access website or not for the respective post/ad. So Social media guys and web developers can still be friends. 
  • Don’t think so. They’re still part of the route to your main page…your site. 
  • Yes, In most of the cases, small business have started marketing on Facebook pages rather then investing on website and its maintenance. 

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Q3: How can small businesses grow their Facebook Pages organically?

Top Tweets:

  • Ensure the url is visible across all boards, you promote it wherever required and do some cool stuff like goodies for giveaways etc.
  • They can -Print the url on all collateral and keep cutout at venue -put a selfie booth at the venue -Spread the word in friend list and ask them to spread in their contacts -Join open groups and promote page there -creative content –
  • Also reward people for liking the page, such as with a special discount. Encourage people to post from your location or venue with a hashtag (tho that’s more typical for Instagram and Twitter). 
  • Video and Live Video with engaging content. 

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Q4: Share with us some Facebook Page growth tips and hacks!

Top Tweets:

  • Focus on engagement more than likes. -Use action oriented content saying hit like if u agree, tag someone who need it, share with a person who comes to mind after seeing it. -Analyze which type of content works more image/text/video. Do proper time analysis for engagement -Closely monitor competitors pages -And lastly participate in Tweet Chats like as a part of continuous learning 
  • Most important thing is to understand the algorithm. To not beat it but to play by it.

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Q5: If you were Mark, what features would you plug in to the facebook pages app?

Top Tweets:

  • I would have made more precise targeting for ads so that users don’t see the ads which are not relevant. Like LinkedIn! I would have introduced Facebook’s own design tool like Pablo of Buffe or Canva. 
  • A lot has improved from earlier. But I somehow don’t use much of the app for pages. And have you checked its new analytics app? What do you think of it?  
  • Frankly, I want Facebook to fix the obvious first. It’s frustrating that lately I haven’t been able to share others’ posts when they included a link (the only thing I could share is the link). Make it easier to navigate between personal and business accounts. 

Thanks for reading guys! If you have any topic suggestions for our next Konvoconnect, let us know in the comments 🙂 Have a great day!

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