Facebook Groups – A #KonvoConnect Recap

Facebook Groups – A #KonvoConnect Recap

by Dr Khushbu Pandya July 10, 2018

Facebook is evolving to focus more on building communities and groups are the natural tools to help forge those new kinds of connections. So this #KonvoConnect we talked about Facebook Groups, how are they beneficial, how to leverage them for business promotion, their features and a lot more.

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Q1: How are Facebook Groups beneficial?

Top Tweets:

  • Best place to hang out with your tribe. Discuss and interact. 
  • A well managed Facebook group provides people with the needed intentions instantly. Be it any goal, it needs people with the needed intention. 
  • FB Groups can help you reach more people who can be your potential customer/audience. Also its very good for networking and sharing knowledge in community. 
  • When Facebook groups are created around some specific interests, then you need not to search for focused interests again and again. There are many such groups are business theses days like Pune Eat Outs, PULA to name a few. 
  • They help you connect & share content with like-minded individuals. 

Q2: How are Facebook Groups different from Pages?

Top Tweets:

  • Groups are for community, for bonding, sharing, listening, interacting, debating etc. It’s a forum. You can’t have these on pages. 
  • Pages: Branded Content posted only by owner – Discussion revolve around the content/topic posted on the page Groups: anyone can post their queries/views and can discuss it with anyone in community – It Can help u get prospects/leads through social listening. 
  • I totally agree  on that. Groups can create healthy community regardless of competition. And now its the time when brand must have to add values to the community rather than just products or services. 
  • Most times, Pages are meant for a professional purpose. Groups can help in knowledge sharing, gathering opinions & insights, and interacting with your community. 

Q3: What is your most favourite feature of Facebook Group?

Top Tweets:

  • A ping when needed. In a Group filled with valid members, an instant valid response to the problem. 
  • Easy to use and navigate.

Q4: How can you leverage Facebook groups for business promotion?

Top Tweets:

Q5: Which are your favourite Facebook Groups?

Top Tweets:

Hope this conversation helped you understand the workflow and importance of Facebook Groups. Come back every friday to #KonvoConnect on twitter and later here for all the recaps.

Happy socialicious week ! 


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