Designing for Social Media – A #Konvoconnect Recap

Designing for Social Media – A #Konvoconnect Recap

by Dr Khushbu Pandya August 20, 2018

It’s no secret that visual content dominates on social media. Visuals help express ideas quickly — which is a refreshing contrast to the clutter of written content we absorb online every day.

But when you’re competing virtually against thousands of other brands — how you can compete?

That answer is with good design. If the purpose of social media is to leverage your fans towards your business, then good design can help get you there quicker.

So this week on #KonvoConnect we talked about ‘Desigining for Social Media‘. Questions like why is it important to have branded content on Social Media, What to take care of while designing, how to create content, what role do colors play in designing and what tools to use while designing were all dealt with.

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Read on to discover awesome insights shared during the chat!

Q1: Why is it important to have branded content on Social Media?

Top Tweets:

  • I am not really into branding or digital marketing but being active on SM tells me 1) can reach more 2) they’re experienced 3) they do surveys time to time and analyze the current trend and needs 4) can have more creative content 5) also know how to reach and where to exactly. 
  • so that it’s spread across channels the creator get the benefit from the same. Also to stop others from claiming its their creation. ForExample if this question’s creative was shared without branding someone else may use it claiming theirs! 
  • 80% of communication is visual based. So its very imp to have branded content that to in brand colours. 
  • Reach and eventually engagement. Build customer relationship. 
  • Branded content I believe is important because nowadays customers don’t like to be told, do this, or buy this and in way videos and infographic are the top content ideas. 
  • Branded content increase trust, brand value, premiumness & reputation as well. After all it represent your brand. 

Q2: What to take care of while designing content for Social Media?

Top Tweets:

  • The most important thing – never jump on the bandwagon. Don’t do a post just because everyone else is doing so. Never try to ‘ride a trend’, because unless you are 100% unique, you’ll get lost in the crowd. I know it sounds cliched, but be unique. 
  • It should be exactly convey what you had thought while creating or thinking about it. Should stay away from bad publicity. Should be unique. 
  • Brand guidelines, Target audience, product / service positioning, and a theme / story based approach which shows connectivity. 
  • Relevant to the interests, neutral in opinion, and no negative approach. In short, considering the 7Ps of marketing. 
  • To effectively use all the channels, design content which is relevant as per the channel and to leverage the trends. 
  • Brand Colours – Brand Guidelines – and Audience’s Taste of Creative (ex- vector, minimalistc, photos) 
  • Content should be well explained, descriptive, useful, and easy to understand. 

Q3: How do you create/design content for Social Media?

Top Tweets:

  • Research – Curate – Convert 1) Look online for better content idea or do competitor’s analysis 2) Curate the content as per your brand need 3) Convert that idea into magical creative. We at believe in the concept where & meets the  and thats what we deliver to our clients 
  • Canva stands best, then comes Quik App. also some infographic tools 🙂 
  • External tools are widely and extensively used from photos/videos editing to scheduling posts/tweets to fetching metrics or analysis. 
  • Illustrator, photoshop and sometimes canva, Adobe spark and Pablo. 
  • By using some tools like but there should be some professional designers in your team. 

Q4: What role do colors play in creating branded content?

Top Tweets:

  • Color plays an emotional connection in everything we do in our lives. Study says 93% purchasing decisions are made on colour perceptions. So choose your colour wisely. 
  • They reflect tone of the brand, tone and mood of communication. They reflect and engage more than a very nicely written micro communication. 

Q5: What are your 3 go to tools for designing content?

Top Tweets:

Thanks for reading. Hope you find this blog useful!

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