Creative Marketing Consulting

Digital and social media marketing

Use the power of these omnipresent media channels to reach out to your customers.

Brand communications

Send across messages that pierce their way through all competition and get your brand an instant pickup.

Marketing strategy building

Liaise with us to construct long-term marketing strategies that position your brand just right.


Marketing communications design

Communicate personally while you execute professionally, and you’ll be achieving your agendas sooner than you realize

Logo design

We’ll give you a logo you’d love to wear everywhere; trust our creative senses to it! Allow us to design for your company an identity that represents your work, values and ambitions.

Brand Design

Newsletters, corporate stationary, email marketing, brochures.. We know what each of these items requires and we’ll judge your needs well before we customize them to fall harmoniously in line with your business.

Content Marketing 

Content planning and development:

We craft communications for your brand, help you integrate it with your business strategy and that’s a key to a successful social business.

“Beautifully written, informative and crisp: get content that your visitors enjoy reading!”

Get Skilled – Workshops by Konvophilia

Digital marketing training

We don’t just realize brilliant marketing campaigns on digital media, we also teach you to use the channel with utmost efficiency for meeting marketing objectives.

  • Content writing training
  • Digital PR training
  • digital marketing course
  • digital ethics workshopsg

Social media marketing and management training

We have much more to tell you about social media than you already know; try it to believe it!

  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Media and Branding
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google plus and other platforms
  • Social Media Analytics and Measurement

Social media strategy workshops

Excellent with short-term buzzing but confused over long-term engagement? Walk into one of our workshops on social media strategy building.

  • visual content workshops
  • social business strategy training