Narmada Channel


Project Details

One of the most successful projects of Konvophilia, Channel Narmada is a local television news channel operating in Bharuch district of Gujarat State. The brand had the strong television media presence of dedicated viewers. Understanding the need of social media, it wanted to create an online community of viewers and create a platform of engagement.


The brand had zero social presence. Hence customized social media pages were created on Facebook, YouTube and Google plus. Major attention was on Facebook community.
This is a sole project where we have not branded any of the designs posted on the pages, neither we have implemented any graphical artistry. The sole objective was to create community and conversations. That’s the beauty of this project.
The project started in March 2013. Within a time span of a year it created a strong community of above 10,000 fans solely through organic reach. The engagement is never below 12,000 every week. Conversation flows on the page just like river narmada, where the average comments on each post is 10. The Post reach is average 2000.
With these incredible figures, the project is unique to Konvophilia’s Portfolio. Channel Narmada is an excellent case study of content marketing and community engagement on social media.

Client:Narmada Channel