Indian Carnival

Project Details

Indian Carnival is an online portal offering Indian crafts and articles made by women entrepreneurs of India. The brand had a special need to create an exhaustive marketing strategy that integrates major social media platforms with offline activities and generate subscribers and website traffic.


  1. To create Brand awareness among the non-users who are specially not tech-savvy and do not use social media or online portals for selling their products.
  2. To encourage women entrepreneurs of India to sell their products on Indian Carnival.
  3. To develop a proper communications marketing strategy for the brand.


Target Market:
“Women Entrepreneurs of India belonging to fashion industry” – This includes all the products related to the fashion industry like clothing and accessories, especially with a traditional and ethnic Indian touch. Hence, the focussed target audience for the Brand would be fashion designers, accessory designers, artisans, boutique owners, work-from-home women and aspiring women who want to work in this stream and sell their creations on Indian Carnival.

In case of Indian Carnival, the brand had the huge need of integrated communications approach rather than just social media promotions. So every objective was linked to the marketing action required to fulfil them.
The brand was equipped with an exhaustive marketing plan that can act as a blueprint for execution. Social platforms incorporated were Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Blogs. Konvophilia helped the brand built a strong content marketing via – Blogging. Facebook contests were executed like – Mothers Day contest. Cross promotion of posts on women centric groups, pages and communities on Facebook and Google plus helped generate a wide reach for organic growth.
The major objective of the brand was to increase the seller base for their website. This was achieved through promoting exiting sellers (women entrepreneurs) via video and text interviews and recognizing brand advocates through social engagement.


Client:Indian Carnival