Digital Detox for Better Productivity – A #KonvoConnect Recap

Digital Detox for Better Productivity – A #KonvoConnect Recap
December 4, 2017 Dhruva Gandhi

Don’t you think that in order to be more productive and stay relevant on digital, we all need Digital Detox? We should keep ourselves close to people and nature in the physical world, so as to get fresh perspectives in life. So this week on #KonvoConnect we talked about Digital Detox and how it can best be put to use to enhance productivity.

From discussing the meaning of digital detox to differentiating between digital detox and digital alienation, from mentioning the benefits of digital detoxing to how can one increase productivity through digital detox, all was covered during the chat. The community also talked about ways as to how one can adopt it without the fear of missing out (FOMO). A lot of ideas and opinions were exchanged during the chat.

Read on to discover all of the amazing insights that were shared during the chat!

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Q1: What do you understand by the term Digital Detox?

Top Tweets:

  • A period of time during which a person stops using social media, phones, computers, and the Internet in order to reset or refocus. –  
  • Disconnecting yourself from the digital device and the digital world. No for a time that you decide and feel is sufficient to recoup. Also, In short giving your inner self sometime to explore what it takes to make yourself better. It helps you reduce the stress that the digital devices give you in terms of both psychological and physical strains.   
  • The word detox means to cleanse, disinfect, sanitise, purify and a is just that; taking a leave from all things to either focus your efforts on other things or to sit back and assess. 
  • When you live through the day totally unplugged. 
  • Logging off from all kinds of social media! 
  • To go back in stone age.  
  • I mean cleaning the Social media, reporting to Cyber cell India or Local authority to make it safe. 
  • Staying orthodox in a positive way, disengaging with SM via digital bots. Staying Natural. 
  • Setting aside time for your selves, taking a pause by keeping away from life to

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Q2: How is Digital Detox different from Digital Alienation?

Top Tweets:

  • Detox is voluntary Alienation is either forced or involuntary. 
  • Digital Alienation is not using any means of digital experience. For whatever reason it could be. Not necessarily the person will adapt to the digital world we live in. 
  • This is subjective, detox one does to refresh profile, alienation when she/he breaks up. 
  • Because you don’t cut social media from your life completely. You reduce the usage. 
  • is different from as like taking a Sabbatical or following another religion altogether.  
  • differs from alienation because a detox is a choice, your own option for your own gains whereas alienation is more severe; we’re talking about things like abuse or bullying as a result of social media. 

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Q3: What are the benefits of Digital Detox?

Top Tweets:

  • The benefits include lot of me time and time to take up hobbies such as reading or writing. 
  • Better Sleeping Habits, Ample time for yourself, More time to invest in physical activity, Reduced eye level stress and the list goes on. 
  • Unwind. Get on to the humane part of your being. Bond with loved ones. Catch up on reading. Love more. Live more. Be more. 
  • Many actually recommend a as it gives you a chance to step away, rekindle with your own time or loved ones, take on other projects, go on holiday, rest, look for other solutions and then perhaps return, with a fresh mind bursting full of new ideas. 
  • I feel that it makes social media more open to people. No more harrassment, no more judgemental tweets or Trolls. Other is stopping false or  
  • Brings loved ones closer relations stronger. 

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Q4: How can one increase productivity through Digital Detox?

Top Tweets:

  • Everyone should do it. All. Including . Cut the false lines, make the way for new people, break stream, be yourself, unnecessary pampering of boss on social media too. I call it bootlicker employees.  They market their boss on social media. 
  • By catching up informative stuff related to work. 
  • When you give yourself time away from the digital world.. your brain recoups. It gives you the ability to increase the bandwidth to create recreate and weave your thoughts at greater magnitude.. Resulting in better productivity. 
  • Keep Calm, Get a Digital Detox & you will bounce back to life & work with a brand new vigour, all fresh & ready to take on the world. 

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Q5: How to go for Digital Detox without the fear of missing out (FOMO)?

Top Tweets:

  • It really wouldn’t be a if you’re worried about
  • We have been so much involved and indulged in digital validation and constant attention that we forgot the word “Solitude”. But you’ll have that fear no matter what. That’s the challenge you’ve to overcome. Picking up is easy and giving up isn’t. 
  • Honestly is all in your head. Digital is dynamic, but there is honestly never  
  • One. There’s nothing like FOMO. Social media is virtual for me. I don’t exist here. But for some it is a second Life. Some people are citizen here. They give employment, they do HR (which is nonsense) and PR, which is important. So do it for sake of Goodness. One of my friend was so addictive of Social media. She ended up depression. So ne should be always consider to detox it. Seen many people advocating use of Social media at workplace. People of other chat said it increases productivity, where as in reality it increases bitching. So Dig it, do detox.  
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Hope you enjoyed reading and connecting with people in our chats. Let us know your opinions in the comment section below!

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