Mentoring in the Digital Age – A #KonvoConnect Recap

Mentoring in the Digital Age – A #KonvoConnect Recap
November 13, 2017 Dhruva Gandhi

This week on #KonvoConnect, we talked about mentoring in the digital age! The community talked from evolution of mentoring to how mentors leverage new technology, what communication and productive tools can be used, how mentors manage and balance offline/online mentoring, how popular is offline mentoring. The community also shared their views on real-time mentoring and what future holds for the mentoring industry.

This week we had, the awesome Bhavesh Kothari, CBO at Tapaswi Ventures, joining in the discussion as our special guest!

Read on to discover all of the amazing insights that were shared during the chat!

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Q1: How has mentoring evolved through all these years to today’s digital age?

From Bhavesh Kothari:

  • Mentoring has been there since ages. It has created a huge impact on individuals & businesses. From one on one personal interactions to group engagements to today it’s moved to digital space with technology as an enabler.
  • With technology and digital connectivity it has created a huge impact thereby increasing the engagement levels between both, the Mentor and Mentee. This has also ensured smooth flow and exchange of  knowledge and expertise.

Community Thread:

  • Mentoring used to be always a one on one face to face session traditionally. Over the years it has moved to group mentoring, mentoring through videos and now with digital onslaught I can get mentored by the best people across the globe.  
    • It also has ensured that you know whom you are engaged and what Is the expectation.  
  • Pros – Don’t have to move. – Anyone is accessible.- Resources are cheaper. Cons – Obesity leading of lack of exercise – Eye problems due to overuse of computer.  
  • There was a time when one on one mentoring used to be there. In the digital Era there are mentoring forums, meets, e meets, Digital avatars of mentors have come up. Even is a mentoring platform.  
  • In old days there used to be a sense of respect for mentor amongst the students. But the bitter truth is that mentoring has turned into a sheer business now a days and hence it’s very rare to see respect in students for their mentors. 
    • Well in my opinion, it’s about the clarity of communication and expectation.  
  • I have not thought about taking sessions from someone to whom I have never meet and seen before few years. And that’s how it is evolved.  
  • Its the mandate deed that should be followed to stay succeeded. Since all such years, mentoring is the thing that made this age seamless with all ends. 
  • Mentoring emerged through no technology generation to new technology generation and now virtually digital.  

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Q2: How mentors leverage newer technology?

From Bhavesh Kothari:

  • Mentoring has moved from classrooms into the mobiles via technology. We are no more confined to walls for learning and growing.  
  • With newer technology and newer platforms, Mentors are able to seamlessly engage and deliver value. A classic example is the way today Facebook and LinkedIn have become an integral part of our lives.
  • Apart from these digital platforms many more platforms such as Slack, Twitter and many others are becoming increasingly used to connect and engage.

Community Thread:

  • Communication is easier than ever, but the same age-old principles of mentoring still apply, hence leverage os omnipresent. 
    • Twitter chats,FB groups,webinars,other online forums.But I agree with you, old principles of mentoring still matter 
  • Agree. Slack has taken the sheen off Facebook Groups and many online forums.  
  • Via – Live Videos – Forums. – Groups. – Social Sharing Videos. 
  • In the competitive Era, the mentors need to have ample eye on all the new things happening in the tech ecosystem. Even traditional mentors have started approaching digital mentors. As if they will be SOUND, their clients will ROCK for sure! 
  • Mentors leverage new technology in various forms such as social media, webinars, tutorials, Skype, etc. 

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Q3: What communication & productivity tools you use?

From Bhavesh Kothari:

  • As a Mentor I have preferred to use twitter, skype, whatsapp apart from productivity tools such as slack, Zoho and a host of others. Most of my mentoring sessions have been via skype or via google Duo.
  • While I still prefer One to One mentoring as it helps in building a connect and rapport. It also gives a confidence to my and sets him/her sailing in the right direction.

Community Thread:

  • Scheduling, tasking, events whatever – Zoho.  
  • For scheduling I use Buffer, Hootsuite. For creating content I use Pablo, Textagram. For productivity I use Zoho and Hunspot, Google Calendar, Haptik, Google Alerts and much more!  
  • Internet is the mother of communication and social platforms are best productivity tools.  
  • Lack of original ideas.  
  • Communication tools, in person verbal through presentations as local tool, for virtual social media handles to be global and productivity tool always engagements.
  • GoToMeeting, WebEx, Salesforce, and Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

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Q4: How do mentors manage and balance offline/online mentoring?

From Bhavesh Kothari:

  • It has to be balanced in a more strategic way. Ideally mentoring is shifting from offline to more offline as online mentoring saves loads of travel time. Especially when the mentee is not in same location. I have more startups I mentor who are outside my city.
  • It all depends on the comfort level and the time factor. With Digital Age, it’s all about the max value with min time and effort.

Community Thread:

  • It differs from person to person. People I know have a close network of mentees whom they mentor personally and digitally to rest. Few take mentoring sessions offline and broadcast it online.FB Live and Periscope has added different spark!  
  • I mentor students pursuing final year MBA and few Entrepreneurs running their startups. Technology today has enabled me to empower them by bridging the online-offline gap, saving time (which is an entrepreneurs greatest resource & asset) & provide valuable insights. 
  • Connect the offline lecture with a good AV equipment online. They both can run simultaneously.
  • It should be a perfect mix of offline & online. More of omnipresence. To start with one on one followed by digital tools.  

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Q5: Is offline mentoring still very popular when people have access to mentors digitally?

From Bhavesh Kothari:

  • Offline mentoring helps in building rapport as it’s more engaging when you interact face to face. Having said that online mentoring has its own merits. It helps us connect anywhere.
  • Offline has is own benefit. It helps in building a good first level of comfort and then can be moved online as well. We as humans prefer to meet people and engage. It has its own charm.

Community Thread:

  • Online videos cannot give the personal touch as the mentors at first address the offline viewers as of now. 
  • Yes, and the reason is almost all offline mentors have taken the online routes! So it has become easy for people who use to face difficulties in meeting their favorite mentors personally now have a digital route. Also there is string adaptation sequentially to shopping online, then buying tickets online, then education and now mentoring. 
  • Yes. Like traditional or physical marketing people still love to have a “touch & feel” experience. No pun intended 🙂  

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Q6: What’s your view on real-time mentoring?

From Bhavesh Kothari:

  • With Digital Age playing a crucial role, real time mentoring has become very useful. It has helped a lot of entrepreneurs today especially the new millennials. Easy access to experts and their willingness to support has been a great boon to the community.
  • I have personally preferred offline but lately have shifted to real-time as it helps in saving time and engage for longer duration’s. And more of with the use of digital tools, sessions can be recorded and revisited. Helps keep a track of what was discussed.
    • Yes true .. do u think Quora is a competitor or threat to mentor because people get great advice without paying a penny? 
      • Digital medium is a platform for people to connect and engage. So people move from online to offline as well. Many of my clients came to us via online and we engaged with them both online and offline. Its about the connect and comfort. 
    • Does this question mean online or offline mentoring?  

Community Thread:

  • Real time mentoring is a reality. Best learning is learning from experiences of others. And when those are shared real time, it helps in real time mentoring advantage is you save on crucial time & others can benefit simultaneously.  
  • Anyone in the world including the prime minister is just next to you. – It is getting better. Still a long way to go. – Makes everyone available to everyone with lesser efforts. 
  • In this digital era real time is the buzz word. So mentoring also has to have a real time perspective. 

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Q7: What future hols for mentoring industry?

From Bhavesh Kothari:

  • In my opinion, was always there. From Lord Krishna being a Mentor to Arjuna, to Chanakya being a Mentor to and Richard Branson having Mentors and have mentored many. The future is bright with more people understand the value it brings.
  • Most of my have always come back to us saying, that they got more than they expected. And I guess that where true value lies. Rest all doesn’t matter. Remember, it’s all about the intent and not the content.
  • Its a world of collaboration and communities. The more we collaborate the more value it will add. Its better to collaborate and grow the pie rather than fighting for the smaller pie.
  • Digital medium is a platform for people to connect and engage. So people move from online to offline as well. Many of my clients came to us via online and we engaged with them both online and offline. Its about the connect and comfort.

Community Thread:

  • Sky is the limit. And specially due to boom of techpreneurs, the average age of launching businesses is becoming small and startup culture is growing rapidly, all these factors create awesome canvas for mentorship industry manifolds.  
  • Mentoring is always going to be in need until all don’t attain perfection. Mentoring is also always going to be in need until all who attain perfection, start becoming imperfect from their perfection.  
    • True. Everyone needs mentoring, from people to president. is a continuous process and are the . Mentee in turn will become some day and the cycle continues. Those who understand the value of Mentoring will pass the Baton and add value.  
  • Quite challenging, tough and real value addition to reality will be the winner or sustain the journey as mentor.  

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