Managing Content Driven Companies- A #Konvoconnect Recap

Managing Content Driven Companies- A #Konvoconnect Recap
November 6, 2017 Dhruva Gandhi

This week on #konvoconnect, we explored how content driven companies are managed! The community talked about the growing role of content in today’s marketing, how content companies survive, the challenges they face, skills required from employees of these companies, how they associate with brands for better engagement, what future holds for them and much more.

This week we had, the awesome Hitesh Rajwani, Head at Social Samosa, joining in the discussion as our special guest!

Read on to discover all of the awesome insights that were shared during the chat!

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Q1: Explain growing role of content in today’s marketing?

From Hitesh Rajwani:

  • Content is the only constant for a marketer’s battle to win new audiences as they say Great Content finds its audience.
  • The kind of reach/personalization digital platforms offer, Content becomes the key for each stage of marketing funnel.
  • In today’s day and age, content is one of the most tangible currencies for any business.
  • Incremental growth of Scoop Whoop, Wittyfeed, Filtercopy is a live example of how Content can build formidable businesses.

Community Thread:

  • To me, content was always there. It’s the modes of marketing which change, but content drives the moments offline or online. –
    • Absolutely Monis – Content has been there , is there and will always be there. The form or medium keeps changing with times .
  • The amount of content that gets brewed on daily basis gives users choice and acts as a key resource for marketing funnel. –
    • Hey Vijay, Glad to e-meet you! I agree content is the key for your marketing funnel.
  • There is good content & content. Good content is effective communication, it reaches out to d TG. Just content, clutters.-
  • Content is the basis for any platform, it can be in the form of videos, images, blogs etc.
    • Glad to connect with you here Kunal, exactly it is the currency digital business deals in. –
  • Being creative content now a days leverages the “smart” factor, making it deftly valuable. Hence, attracts more.

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Q2: How do content companies survive?

From Hitesh Rajwani:

  • Content Companies spend considerable time in building new audiences, which in turn facilitate their bread and butter.
    • So it would be exciting to know what are the different ways that these forms build audiences and keep them engaged?
      • AIB understood the behaviour of engineers/ budding engrs. Realised that its a great opportunity to connect with that audience .
  • The revenue streams for Content Companies vary from content to native advertising, events and properties, product layer.
    • Can you pls explain what is product layer?
      • Take PopXo for an example – they have built an audience of women interested in lifestyle they help brands connect with this audience. PopXo realised that they have nurtured women Influencers. They launched an Influencer Marketing Platform. This is called Product Layer

Community Thread:

  • Content marketing is not a costly affair. Engaging content is the key to survival. That should keep you up and live.
    • You got to take the risk in terms of scale to make it BIG, if you are a Blogger/Influencer you can still manage. 
  • Survive by adapting to d changing needs & demands of d market. Being innovative. Constantly updating & read in to numbers.
    • Exactly its like Darwin’s Theory the ones who adapt and evolve survive till the end.
  • It’s well known that, Survival the fittest. Hence, you better be smarty & logical. Eg. Scripted, content harmony, etc.
    • You either create great content or curate it. The choice is yours 🙂
  • Content companies are creating in trends of market. Whether , paid articles, bloggers paid influences all gain out of content.

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Q3: What challenges do content companies face in creating fresh content?

From Hitesh Rajwani:

  • Quite similar to Brands/Agencies- Spotting an opportunity at the right time/tailoring it as per the intended audience.
  • It’s difficult to create content which is relatable, shareable & snackable at the same time & break through the clutter.

Community Thread:

  • Due to top competitions, Creating elite content that swim to top is actually a challenging task.
    • Use tools to advantage as simple as Google Trends to something like Buzzsumo/Boomtrain to know what will appeal to your audience.
  • Fresh & unique content curation is important to attract & build relevant audience but research needs lot of efforts.
  • Due to top competitions, Creating elite content that swimm to top is actually a challenging task.
  • Market research, incorporating short videos, sync on timely data fetched from brands, and current market trends.

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Q4: What skills are required from employees of content companies?

From Hitesh Rajwani:

  • Flair for creativity, Knack for spotting/listening, Openness to Tech Ability to turn ideas into finished asset, Quick TAT .
  • For me more than skills its about the passion and drive to create content which breaches through circles of virality.
  • ScoopWhoop, Buzzfeed defy the tenets of SEO and still drive more traffic than any other publisher in India.

From the Community:

  • Zeal to learn, passion to write, ability to weave compelling stories, creative streak, live and breathe content.
  • You must have a flair for writing and reading to begin with. There r many such examples whr brands have gone viral only on basis of content.
  • there’s nothing like essential qualifications required, ergo, dedication is mandatory deed followed by desire.
  • 360 degree knowledge about the product or services of the company along with knowledge of positioning .
  • Updated, analytical, and truthful.

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Q5: How do content driven companies associate with brands for better engagement?

From Hitesh Rajwani:

  • Content companies today understand digital natives better than brands, they manage to offer engaging branded content.
  • The association is a two way street if you have good content/the right audience, Brand/Agencies reach out to you directly.
  • The other way is to plan a content calendar keeping in mind certain Brands which might fit in and pitch it to them.
  • See How Timeliners incorporated elements within story to ensure BFSI/FMCG /Tech Brands can invest in the show Aam Aadmi Family
  • You should check to understand the volume and source of traffic for these content companies
  • For Content Campaigns SW, MensXp, Indiatimes are first preference for many brands. They drive millions of page views a month.

From the Community Thread:

  • Take an example of Scoopwhoop or LBB where they usually associate with brands solving their discoverability problem via content.
  • Be it cisco, toshiba, Marriott or whatever, using Branding magnifies the company enhancement.

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Q6: What does future hold for content driven companies?

From Hitesh Rajwani:

  • From pitch dark to the light on the other side of tunnel AI & Predictive Analytics are changing the ball game altogether
  • Investors are bullish on content companies considering capacity to shape opinions, advocate issues / bring about change
  • Content companies are evolving towards a data ecosystem,mapping reader/viewer behavior to improvise/strengthen offerings
  • I see content companies adopting forward integration strat, adding layers of products/services to monetize audience built
  • ScoopWhoop, Wittyfeed, Terribly Tiny Tales, FilterCopy, TVF – All of them are funded because of the upward trend.

Community Thread:

  • Ability to explore, leverage AI and machine learning to curate content can be challenging yet it is the future.  Virtual Reality is the future of absorbing and consuming next-gen content. 
    • Rightly said – AR/VR is the next big thing to latch on .
  • They will create future through “Content. 
  • One thing that boggles me is how long can these companies maintain consistency with Immense competitions from peer agencies?
    • They will sustain because of the ability to create fresh content and build new audiences.

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Thank you so much to our awesome Konvoconnect community for sharing such great insights in this chat!

Do you have any comments or answers to these questions? Leave your thoughts in the comments! We’d love to hear from you! 🙂


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