Artificial Intelligence, the much talked about trend- A #Konvoconnect recap

Artificial Intelligence, the much talked about trend- A #Konvoconnect recap
October 29, 2017 Dhruva Gandhi

“Artificial Intelligence is almost a humanities discipline. It’s really an attempt to understand human intelligence and human cognition.” – Sebastian Thrun

Artificial Intelligence is an umbrella term that encompasses everything from robotic process automation to actual robotics. It has gained prominence recently due to big data, or the increase in speed, size and variety of data businesses are now collecting. AI can identify patterns in the data more efficiently than humans, enabling businesses to gain more insight out of their data. But is Artificial Intelligence really helping? What are its shortcomings? How are we experiencing it today? What link does it have with social media? And what is its future? We covered all this and more at this week’s KonvoConnect twitter chat.

We witnessed a very healthy discussion this week. Read on to discover!

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Q1: What exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

Top Tweets:

  • They’re set of programmed cognitive functions that can apply for ‘problem solving’, ‘machine learning’ and ‘deep learning’.
  • To put it simple, a bot which is trying to as intelligent as human. –
  • Technology through which machine can trained to learn skills and then it can improvise on its own. –
  • At it’s simplest is intelligent behavior by machines rather that natural behavior by humans. –
  • Imitating actions as close as possible to human mind and learning, improving consistently. –

Q2: How are we experiencing this technology today?

Top Tweets:

  • we Facing experience of various advance tech which helps to convey message strategically to mass by ease way. –
  • There are various processes which need cont human intervention are now handled by AI also for ex: PPC campaign optimization. –
  • When we constantly looking for tools which help us do tasks on our behalf – We are experiencing it. How are we experiencing? Not realizing that you are talking to a bot sitting behind a screen. It is everywhere! Almost! –
  • are the easiest seen usage..many have started using AI to customize/personalize offerings as well. –
  • In each & every stages. Eg. Nest, Siri, Driverless cars, etc. –

Q3: How is AI affecting businesses and in which sectors?

Top Tweets:

  • Is rocking in every levels. The difference is, it is boon for businesses, ergo, curse for employments. –
  • is present in eCommerce. From order processing to execution. Addressing customer queries too. Although there’s no data, but I’ve a strong hunch that deploying could be a cheaper bet than hiring humans. used for gifting. Cc:
  • Most of the sectors are getting disrupted with AI. Branch less banking, driver less cars, auto – dispenser, BOTS in CC. –
  •  When AI over takes human decisions & develop their monopoly over human brains, people r losing jobs in automobile industry. Couldn’t agree more! But that feels good when we are from client side, but when on employee side it’s a sad part. –
  • Algorithmic intelligence is disliked as it lacks emotions. It become brutal at times. Human is largely ignorant. Thereby must avoid Algorithmic intelligence ( ) wherever necessary-
  • Yes! But the key here is to reduce the bot conversation feel! It can be done with words and transparency. –
  • is making it easy to put up a 24*7 help desk and give the required answers – which your customer needs an instant answer. –
  • I think AI is not the main reason behind job cuts in automotive sector! Automation in production is the reason! 2. Automation,human error, useful for mass production​. And this trend started long time ago. AI just worsened the situation. –

Q4: AI and Social Media- is there any link here?

Top Tweets:

  • will be driven by an ecosystem that have an increased dependency on platforms that encourage customization. –
  • Certainly yes. is dependent on to address consumer queries besides email or IM; offline. –
  • Certainly yeah, they are proportional to each one. One enhance the other. –
  • AI and social media is some what related to each other which are going to impact each other. –
  • While in social media will be increasingly refined, it will take timm to replace authentic human connection between brands & customers. –

  • I feel we Social Media Marketing people are the first ones looking around for these bots!-

Q5: What future do you see with AI?

Top Tweets:

  • it is the need of the hour it going to increase the work experience and efficiency but there must be some challenges and danger yet to be can. –
  • improves productivity. But work won’t reduce as better will be always around. –
  • Future is Perpetual, ergo, human touch & integration is needed to available for humans, unlike for aliens. –
  • Definitely giving me more & more data to get me buried under it! Automation is not that simple or easy as we think it is. –
  • will be driven by an ecosystem that have an increased dependency on platforms that encourage customization. –

Hope you are now aware of what artificial intelligence is, what it can do and what are its shortcomings. If you like our blog do leave a comment. Have a great day!

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