Social Media Books – A #KonvoConnect Recap

Social Media Books – A #KonvoConnect Recap
September 13, 2017 Dhruva Gandhi

There can be plenty of blogs, websites, and popular accounts to get the latest updates and insights about the upcoming trends in Social Media. But what a book can teach, no digital source can. So this International Literacy Day, we thought what better topic we can have other than ‘Social Media Books’.

The community discussed about what Social Media books have they read, which book they consider as their social media bible, who’s their favorite author, value of social media books in this rapidly evolving era, etc. We even conducted a fun poll asking community members as what would they prefer to do when they are free & gave them some fun options to vote for.Read on to discover all the splendid insights that were shared during the chat, from our Konvoconnect community. You can also join our Facebook group to stay updated with the latest topics and be a part of the discussions.

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Q1: Which Social Media Books have you read?

Top Tweets:

  • To be honest, the only source of social media info that I acquire from/refer to is from ur twitter chats, articles, etc. –
  • Inbound Marketing & | Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook | Youtility |Platform  –
  • No bullshit social media by  Jason Falls is outclassy, ergo, i loved YOUTILY by jay bear. –
  • A very serious confessions, just few pages of The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users: Guy Kawasaki. –
  • No books… Only blogs articles etc all digital –
  • I have mostly read blogs & scholarly articles on social media 🙂 –
  • Sadly, I haven’t come across good books. I’ve just read inbound marketing. I am hoping to get some recommendations tonight. –
  • Not really a book yet, but some materials given by during Digital Media sessions  – 
  • The Art of Social Media by is a good read. –

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Q2: Which book do you prefer as your Social Media Bible?

Top Tweets:

  • Not social media book but I do read social media examiner regularly. – 
  • Unfortunately none but as I have a start up on social media, I have to get into books on Social Media but otherwise I read blogs. –
  • I cannot compare it with Bible, but, still Youtility by ‘jay bear’ makes me Splendid. –
  • Not any in particular but How to Win Friends & Influence People by is the essence to all Social Media books. –

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Q3: As Social Media is rapidly evolving, what value do Social Media Books Hold?

Top Tweets:

  • Well, there are still people like me who would like to read a book with good content rather than surf and numbers of website. –
  • Every book gives different interaction strategies, infinite angles a social media book could take and areas it could cover. –
  • Your question is your answer, “As evolving”. Its d people like me who like & only. –
  • Social Media books are valuable to people at beginner/intermediate level. These books help you get a basic understanding of things. –

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Q4: Who is your favourite author?


Top Tweets:

  • One of my favorite books is Zen of social media marketing by 1 which helped me during my Ph.D. –
  • My favorite author of a social media book if you ask, no one. I have not yet explored books in this category. –
  • She isn’t a SM , ergo, no one can beat her in crime/thriller I’m profound of  –
  • Steve Jobs & All Marketers are Liars are favorites. Also, Disrupting Digital Business: Create an Authentic Experience in the Peer-to-Peer Economy by is a favourite –
  • Fav author -mythology with a diff view will give u ideas 4 improvising as well,changeur thoughts. –

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Hope you found the blog interesting. Let us know your reviews in the comments below!

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