Future Of Marketing- Where are we Headed?- A #KonvoConnect Recap

Future Of Marketing- Where are we Headed?- A #KonvoConnect Recap
July 18, 2017 Dhruva Gandhi

Aren’t we all amazed by the trends that keep coming, be it in fashion or technology? We are in an age that is so fast evolving that everything we use or rely on is being continuously replaced with something new and better.
So our team at Konvophilia was wondering, what would happen to Marketing? In the past few years we have moved from traditional marketing techniques to an utterly new genre digital media, which is again so wildly budding with new changes and updates coming almost every day.
Thus with this thought in mind, we chose the topic for this Konvoconnect twitter chat as “The Future of Marketing- Where are we headed?”, and we are amazed by the responses and replies from our community members.

Read on to Discover!

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Q1: What marketing techniques should be focused on most prominently?

Top Tweets:

“Past research analysis of data and test cases help you to decide your present surgery” –

“The biggest advantage we have today is the amount of data and metrics available to us. Marketers should leverage it well. told on his podcast – many marketers have become slaves of dashboards. Use analytics well” –

“I would probably say data mining – we have a plethora of information being given freely, marketers just need to utilise this.” –

“Marketing techniques/strategies should be based on thorough research & firmed up with analytics! Marketing techniques should focus on consumer, competition, category & cultural truths! Marketing based on data & analytics should form your basis for taking decisions on marketing strategy!” –

“Technique of understanding the available data and business objective. Then making plan to overcome the deficit.” –

“Research is always a key point for marketing strategy.” –

“Engage with people directly. Check what they need. Address those needs. Rest follows!” –

“Audience insights are absolutely critical to monitor real time intelligence & traction on social media campaign” –

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Q2: Marketing campaigns depend on what kind of decisions or choices?

Top Tweets:

“What demographic to reach? Which Influencers to target? Use paid ads or other mediums? What platform to use? Will there be UGC (User Generated Content)? Figuring out the timeframe & delivery? A lot needs to be taken care of!” –

“Totally depend on your marketing problem, budget, target audience, marketing dynamics” –

“Product, Channel, target group, brand equity, placement, brand positioning, sector and more.” –

“It depends on which media you choose according to your TG. And also line of communications.”-

“Campaign depends on demographics like age, sex and also depends on identifying and knowing present needs.” –

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Q3: What kinds of marketing campaigns your own city is witnessing?

Top Tweets:

“I am actually working on one now for under  (United Kingdom) – entirely based on user generated content.” –

“Couldn’t go unnoticed but yes Primeday campaign was all over during the week (India)” –

“Right now Ahmedabad is witnessing sale offers & promotional campaigns. (Ahmedabad)” –

these guys are nailing the internet (India)” –

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Q4: How are small businesses adapting to newer marketing techniques?

Top Tweets:

“Most of the ones I know are using stories, live feature for Facebook, Snap chat and Instagram and hashtag for Twitter.” –

“Small businesses are capitalising on emerging platforms like or Live, making personalised, viral content which depends on what their data is telling them – highly beneficial in our supply and demand eco-commerce online world” –

“Well a massive percentages of small businesses do not market at all. They rely on existing consumer base. Only the tech enabled ones do.” –

“Google Adwords is a great tool. It can readily get you the right leads in less budget if the campaign is rightly set.”- 

“MEs (Medium Enterprises) certainly place huge bets on mobile based campaigns & e-mail marketing” –

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Q5: Where is Marketing headed to?

Top Tweets:

“I’ve been spying on this. I’d say , & in an effort to personalise a seamless, consumer spending journey.” –

“Due to available targeting and tracking options, marketing these days is heading towards ZERO wastage.” –

“Before – products & quality was a primary aspects. NOW- Marketing is only perspective.” –

“Transparency will dictate brand-customer relationship as customers are getting more smarter in this knowledge economy. Mobile is going to become centre of marketing, smaller screen will enable more personalised relationship with their customers” –

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I hope the blog was useful. Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below! Happy Tuesday 🙂

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