Marketing through Hashtags – A #Konvoconnect Recap

Marketing through Hashtags – A #Konvoconnect Recap
June 5, 2017 Dhruva Gandhi

No major campaign today is complete without a hashtag. A Calculated hashtag marketing can boost impressions, make your content more searchable and encourage users to talk about your brand.

So this week on konoconnect twitter chat, we talked all about Hashtags. How to carefully use them, what value do they drive to a marketing campaign, how to build a marketing strategy, hashtag analysis tools, and a lot more.

Read on to discover all of the awesome insights that were shared during the chat!

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This week’s stats: 206 users tweeted, 10,32,978 people potentially reached and 258 tweets.

Q1: How do you use the Hashtags?

Top Answers:

“When it comes to emphasizing on certain topics, the use of hashtag leads to better understanding!” – 

“We use hashtags to emphasize and promote the brand’s ideology” – 

“Hashtags depends on the media and goal you are trying to achieve” –

“I use hashtag to create a topic, emphasise on the agenda of tweet.” –

“Hashtags make life more simpler. In Branding Social media mareketing  is a tool to reach millions. I use to tweet my blog, my specific messages to team and track back the trend! I sometime make mine own for fun, while Hashtag makes money for me some other time in.” –

“To make the trend in trending, for content, & to explicit.”- 

“We use hashtags to track the trend & connect to people.” –

“Two ways 1. Popular trends : to make most out of their reach 2. Make own statement for brand.” –

Q2: What value do hashtags drive into a marketing campaign?

Top Tweets:

“Hashtag helps you to quantify the conversations & pull out the metrics of engagement.” –

“It helps bringing focus of audience in particular brand or product.” –

“Helps in getting across communication to a segment of audience interested to receive your message.”  –

“An active Hashtag adds value to credibility of the brand, or brand’s goals.” – 

“It engages​ with us and other throughout the duration of our special event/campaign/offer.” –

“Hashtag is like timewrap helping explore all odd & even results over time & redefine new strategy for next marketing campaign” – 

Q3: Is there a need to build a Hashtag Marketing strategy? How to do it?

Top Tweets:

“Yes, it is very important. It helps decide what can drive attention of your audience and make the strategy.” –h

“Yes, make a unique hashtag on social platforms so that it could be discriminated​, go for sentence hashtag if word # didn’t work.” – 

“Building HM strategy is a must. Don’t use way too famous hashtags, your posts will get lost. Same with lesser used ones.” – 

“Yes.2 bowls of research(data), 1spoon of topic, 1spoon of branding, 2-3 pinch of combination of words & cook it on low flame” – 

“Popular Hashtags are trended by twitter. If you are lucky to reach the trends, your brand promotion may automate. 1. TweetChats 2. Sweepstakes 3. Using the hashtag actively during various events and AD materials. Here is a need to promote hashtag as it allows people to engage with the brand  ” – 

“It has to be u Universal across platforms for consistency.” –

Q4: What tools do you use for hashtag analysis?

Top Tweets:

“Most of the time I use for tracking hashtag.” –

“Twubs & tagboard.” –

” –

“Looks at too.” –

Q5: Let’s give a shoutout to your favourite/successful hashtag campaign!

Top Tweets:

My all time favourite.” –

“I am on currently for my blog traffic.” – 

“We are currently have a weekly chat at on Event Promotions.” -We are currently have a weekly chat at on Event Promotions.

Using hashtags is more than just a social media trend and using hashtags carefully and precisely can make a marketing campaign attain great success. Tell us how you use hashtags in the comment section below. Have a great day 🙂

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