Instagram Marketing- A #Konvoconnect Recap

Instagram Marketing- A #Konvoconnect Recap
June 21, 2017 Dhruva Gandhi

There are a total of over 500 million Instagrammers, sharing an average of 95 million photos and videos per day showing that Instagram has huge potential for marketers. So we thought why not talk about Instagram marketing at depth.We catered several aspects like why to do advertising on instagram, how do instagram ads work, marketing strategy for instagram, advertising on instagram stories and best instagram campaigns.

Read on to discover all of the awesome insights that were shared during the chat!

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Q1: Why do advertising on Instagram?

Top Replies:

“Hashtags 2. Stories 3. It’s always easier to deliver in videos or pics rather than long posts.” –

“Number of Active Subscribers” –

“It is a clutter less and mobile friendly medium and brands can reach out to different community with the help of Hashtags.” –

“It’s always about reaching your TG. If they are on Instagram, why not you” –

“Brands put up products on Insta for their audience to see. Advertising on Insta helps brands to SHOW products to their Target Group.” –

“Advertising on insta is one of a mandatory deed, ergo, the event/campaign/promotion​ must be Omnipresent..fb/Twitter..etc” –

“Because it’s easy to reach a bigger audience with ease via image advertisement.” –

“Communicate with a captive set of target audience, interested in listening from your brand.” –

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Q2: How do Instagram ads Work?

Top Replies:

“Photo, video, stories , carousel.” –

“it gives opportunity to put short form content, conveys message in creative manner with call to action. Also, Holds attention span” –

“Brands select their Audiences on basis of age,gender,location, interest & behaviour.& Instagram goes & position d ad to that TG.” –

“They work better with great creatives, shot and smart videos with appropriate.” –

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Q3: What marketing strategy do you follow for Instagram Marketing?

Top Replies:

“Place a exquisite peppy image along with unique hastag, ‘coz antique images attracts users in .” 

“Every creative should tell a story. Use a good background. Leverage square photos. Use hashtags, at least 5 and max 10. Be creative with hashtags too.” –

“Syncing Content Strategy & deploy targeting in line with the business / brands communication objectives.” –

“Targeting is similar as facebook coz back end is similar the ad copy & multimedia has to be crisp link to be proper.” –

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Q4: Have you heard about Advertising on Instagram Stories?

Top Replies:

“Yes! A lot of brands do it these days. It kicked if off after their story feature.” –

“Yes. In essence active, relevant and consistent presence on instagram itself is one form of (self) advertising!” –

“Yes. For the festive season, we plan to use advertising ads on our brands’ insta stories offering discounts.” –

“Even when you want to do aggressive marketing on that time Instagram stories is very useful. Less chances to be ignored.” –

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Q5: Which are the best campaigns on Instagram till now?

Top Replies:

has awesome campaigns; Fashion, Retail, QSR brands excel in format.” –

for sure. It really touched my heart with their campaign.” –

“I loved the Drone industry leader “DJI”, followed by OrangeTheory & AirBnb’s.” –

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