Video Marketing- A #Konvoconnect Recap

Video Marketing- A #Konvoconnect Recap
May 21, 2017 Dhruva Gandhi

Did you know that Cisco has predicted that videos will account for 79% of global internet traffic by 2020? Have you heard that UNILAD, LADbible, NTD Television & Viral Thread are the top online video creators across social media? Are you aware that Facebook users find videos 5 times more engaging than images?
Aren’t these facts fascinating? Well this is what inspired us to pick ‘Video Marketing’ as the topic for this week’s Konvoconnect twitter chat.
Video Marketing unlike any other form of marketing is the most appealing, engaging and alluring form of marketing. Plus with the introduction of ‘Live video’ feature on several social media platforms has made video marketing prominent than ever.

This Konvoconnect, we talked about the significance of Video Marketing as a marketing strategy, what tools should be used for video marketing, contribution of live videos to the video marketing landscape. We even compared YouTube and Vimeo, talked about SEO for videos, how to leverage recorded video vs. live video and what future holds for video marketing.

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This week’s stats: 361 tweets; 2,15,841 reach; 49 active tweeters.

Let’s us have a look at this week’s Konvoconnect recap.

Q0: How does Video Marketing fit in your marketing strategy?

Top Tweets:

“With options like 3 to 60 seconds on Instagram, 6 seconds on Snapchat,FB & YouTube, LIVE needs good amount of planning” 

“It has to be part of a brands marketing mix. Since the days of TVCs, video has been the most powerful storytelling format. Apart from that, I just twisted the adage ‘Picture is worth 1000 words, videos are worth 1000 pictures’ “. 

“Videos are more preferred against long hand typed posts being time saving for everyone to go through.” 


Q1: Which tools do you prefer for Video Marketing?

    Top Tweets:

“Youtube and Stories on all platforms. I think live stories as a video is now more powerful and engaging.” 

“I have started recommending for a few of my B2B, tech, fiance & startup clients.” 

“Depends on objective, for live – stats favor Facebook followed by Periscope. Instagram is giving some competition too!” 

“Now a days live stories or live video streaming is on pick. So instead of putting pre-recorded video, live video is much more effective.” 

“I use the and for .” 

I prefer the LIVE experience, to give users that experiential feel – experimented with Periscope, need FB Live.” 

Q2: Have live videos changed video marketing landscape?

Top Tweets:

“Yes, it puts the user/audience in the driving seat to decide how things run in cases + because it’s LIVE anything can happen.” 

“Of course yes and you can say this is the next big thing in the marketing” 

Q3: Youtube Vs. Vimeo- What’s your take?


“YouTube definitely. Vimeo has had its run, personally i think it’s clunky & doesn’t keep up with the time. Also YouTube = SEO” 

“Never a big fan of Vimeo, but I guess it works for few brands. So until you have a audience there, why not!” 

“Well YouTube is a winner” 

“YouTube anyday” 

Q4: Do Videos need SEO?

Top Tweets:

“No. SEO is more relevant to descriptions and keywords” 

“100% but it has to be via a platform that recognises it. Facebook for e.g even lets you target your video to subcultures within” 

“Like every content, you want your brand to be on top. So optimization is must, starting from Title to Description” 

Q5: Recorded Video Vs. Live Video- How to leverage each?

Top Tweets:

“Live videos are trending mainly thanks to FB. They spent millions of dollars just to make influencers put out live videos!” 

“Depends on what’s your objective? Budget? What’s the bigger picture? Both are effective, Simon Sinek’s would say: Start With Why?” 

“Strategy – seen brands use pre-recordings to entice users for their LIVE update, works well for giveaways, new products etc” 

“If u have a higher budget prefer Recorded video as u get a chance to edit” 

“A4: If you tag your video properly then it will do wonders in reaching to ur TG..Video enhances exponentially but tag it” 


Q6: What does future hold for Video Marketing?

Top Tweets:

At the F8 Zuckerberg revealed his plans to harness the Power of Augmented Reality with Camera Effects Platform. The future is crazy” 

“Quite exciting, especially for B2B, press releases in video formats, users being reached via TV & I think a  (Virtual Reality) inclusion.” 

“Future of video marketing is pretty obvious. Video marketing = Content Marketing, especially once SEO becomes voice based!!”

Since our entire chat was on video marketing we thought of doing some live periscope videos both at the introductory session and one for the concluding remarks.

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