STORIES – A #Konvoconnect Recap

STORIES – A #Konvoconnect Recap
May 14, 2017 Dhruva Gandhi

‘The Story’ feature on Social Media platforms is the latest trend, from Facebook to Instagram to Whastapp, every platform has adopted this trend and the performance is mind blowing. We at #Konvophilia thought of discussing all about Stories this week on #Konvoconnect. We talked about “Stories”- how it has changed our online behavior, consumption practices, the art of storytelling through stories, its future, the challenges & much more.
Read on to discover all of the awesome insights that were shared during the chat!
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Q1: How have stories changed our online sharing behaviour?


Top Answers:

“Before, we talk with words. Now, with story & emotions, #stories makes us discernible.” 

“It has changed drastically. We can now share pictures & videos instantly and can even go live at the very moment.No waiting” 

“We have begun to be more demanding, Always on a look out for stories that not only appeals our imagination, but also move us.” 

“By using different pieces of content to lay proverbial breadcrumbs, a trail of interactions for #users, different emotions.” 

“Its like our day in visuals and small snippets. stories now define ur online personality in more detailed & visual way.” 

“I have never really been a story person but I end up updating one or two snaps & I go through everyone’s story for no reason.” 

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Q2: Do you consider ‘Stories’ as a format or an app?

Top Answers:

“Consider it as an art” 

“It is definitely a format. Just like newsfeed for desktops – stories for mobile users.” 

“I see it as a format – just another way of social sharing.” 

“Format definitely! Almost every other app has it now. It’s just another trend.” 

“Stories is just a feature. But the power lies in story-telling. MarriottRewards, Harley on does some great stories.” 

“It Is Absolutely An Effective Format To Share Ones Own Feelings.” 

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Q3: How did stories change the content consumption practices?

Top Answers:

“It challenges you to be original & creative all the time. There is an insatiable appetite for such content.” 

“Certainly, credit to MEDIA.” 

have simplified consumption by making info easy, concise & digestible. That’s all users need, attention span 0%” 

“Stories are precise, to-the-point and the fact that it stays for only 24 hours. Certainly brings out your true fans.” 

“Brand from HUl house Dove soap running successful story base with usp 1/4 moisture..” 

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Q4: Has stories changed the way brands think about advertising on social media?

Top Answers:

“Definitely it has opened more ways to connect with the audiences. Contests, sneakpeaks.. brands can do a lot with #stories.” 

“It’s slowly picking up. I agree with you ! The sneak peaks and contests!” 

“Somewhat, with emergence of stories brands realise it’s an aggressive ‘opt-in’ feat, users need to ‘buy-in’ for conversion” 

“Yes we can see lot of videos and feedbacks by consumers brands need to think about customer awareness” 

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Q5: Storytelling through stories- How far do you think will it go & what future holds?

Top Answers:

“Since the stories have been introduced at many places now, it won’t sustain for long.Gradually people have chose their FAC.” 

“The fact that the only story app is still on the move, is here to stay for a very long time.”  

“‘ve actually read a lot recently about evolution into playing a huge role, I think are unveiling soon” 

“The mediums may change, but storytelling through stories will never stop. Afterall we are nothing but a part of story/stories.” 

“Every living soul has a story to tell & with visuals, its easier to show. So its here to stay with new updates.” 

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Q6: Do you find the challenges in creating content for stories across all platforms?

Top Answers:

 “It’s the treatment given to the story that changes. As every platform has its own dynamics” 

“This is where you need a specialise curator, anything can be a story. Strategy in delivery helps.” 

“Yes ofcourse it is challenging.Interesting,Informative and Creative ppl will follow, otherwise you lose your fans.”  

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Once again, We thank all our contributors for such amazing & insightful discussion. Stay tuned to #KonvoConnect & our blog for all the recap.

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