Luxury and Digital- A #Konvoconnect Recap

Luxury and Digital- A #Konvoconnect Recap
May 29, 2017 Dhruva Gandhi

It was conventionally believed that participating in selling activities on ecommerce was only for the lower and middle range of products. The pervasive belief was that luxury shoppers, with their discriminating taste and preference for high-priced goods, wouldn’t buy expensive things online; they would always opt for the personalized customer service and tactile shopping experience that only brick-and-mortar stores provide.
Well things have drastically changed now. Research shows that consumers are indeed willing to buy luxury products online, and at undiscounted prices. Research also says that 40 percent of luxury purchases are in some way influenced by consumers’ digital experience. And with the rising influence of the digital space, all luxury brands must think hard about their digital presence.
So this week we talked about Luxury & Digital in our #Konvoconnect twitter chat. We invited Nivedidth Gajapathy, A.K.A MacroTraveller as our guest. His life revolves around Travel, Technology and Food. He started blogging in 2008 and launched Macro Traveller in January 2017. He quit his full-time job as a Digital Marketing professional in June 2015 only to live his dream of a Full-time traveler. He is one of the top 100 Influencers in India using Klout Score.
We talked about luxury and digital, how they blend, how do luxury brands craft their digital and social media strategy, how to approach brands, influence marketing and blogging for luxury brands and so on.

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Let’s us have a look at this week’s Konvoconnect recap.

Q1: How does luxury and digital blend as per you?

From Nivedidth:

“Luxury Lifestyle for me is all about comfort & service & Digital helps as a medium to reach out to TG & build relationship”

From the Community:

“Luxury with Digital Media is like Reaching People and enjoying moment every time” – 

“It could be a disaster or a match made in heaven. Else, It could amplify the successfulness with reaching perpetual deeds” – 

Luxurylifestyle is everything we need. It is within our reach & digital helps to connect with the rest world” –

“Intersection of lifestyles with context; decipher insights & deliver relevant” –

” If Luxury is about Comfort, Digital is about Convenience.” –

“As per my opinion, both are directly proportional. Both go hand in hand” –

“Luxury is the need and digital is the best source.” –

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Q2: How do luxury brands craft their digital/social media strategy?

From Nivedidth:

As a brand,the first important thing for a brand is to clearly understand in detail about its customers. Understand the Target audiences and analyze which channels or network these TGs are active so that the brand focuses that as a primary channel of promotion in their Digital strategy.The brand needs to be narrative rather than on the face marketing, while a brand shapes its narrative important thing to remember is the consumers won’t just be buying a product they’ll be claiming a means of self-expression.Luxury is synonymous to exclusivity but needs to balance with the right amount of visibility as well. Brand needs to create a Sense of Belonging among its customers at the product so that it creates brand advocacy to amplify

From the Community:

“Understanding their audience gonna play a key role for the brand!” –

“Sketch out the BuyerPersona, know your TG, back the strategy with Data & SUPERAWESOME content. And do the Tango!” –

“Know ur target audience, find their social channels & remain on those but maintain exclusivity! Bcz u r a luxury brand!” –

“Know your customer and the design the strategy” –

“Big brands make this in a easy way, i.e. Be simple, be explicit.” –

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Q3: When did you start blogging about luxury?

From Nivedidth:

“As a blogger, I have been writing and sharing experiences for 9 years more as a tech blogger. In the last 3-4 years, I have started traveling more extensively which is when the need for luxury blogging started for me. Sharing my Lifestyle, Travel and luxury experiences to the world was my main motto.”

Q4: What segments of luxury industry do you blog about?

From Nivedidth:

“I mostly do Luxury Travel, Lifestyle and Food which includes staying at the best of hotels across the world”

Q5: How do you approach brands?

From Nivedidth:

I have been lucky so far that brands have identified me and my work and have reached out most of the time to collaborate. Whenever I have an idea or an upcoming plan for a collaboration with a brand then I reach out to the team with a proposal. The best way to reach out is to build a portfolio or a media kit with your work & credentials & reach out to the PR or marketing team. Brands first need to understand that branding and affiliate or lead generating is different. If you have tools to monitor & differentiate between good & bad & that’s where the brand needs to smart enough to choose the right thing first.

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Q6: Why should luxury brands consider blogging and influence marketing?

From Nivedidth:

Like i mentioned earlier, brand needs to amplify and also build brand advocacy.

Choosing the right set of influencers & also have a smart influencer marketing plan to engage with them is very important.

As the right influencer can actually influence someone’s buying/planning decisions.

From the Community:

Just one reason: “Credibility” of the blogger helps! 🙂 Genuine reviews! –

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Hope your doubts pertaining to luxury and digital are sorted. You can tell us your reviews or any further queries in the comment section below! Happy Monday! 🙂


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