9 Ways to Use Pinterest Marketing for your Small Business

9 Ways to Use Pinterest Marketing for your Small Business
May 1, 2017 Dhruva Gandhi

Are you a small business trying to explore and spread your reach across the digital world?
Have you considered Pinterest? We will tell you why.

There are approximately seventy million people who use Pinterest of which large number belong to bloggers, companies, brands, and businesses. Pinterest has its own uniqueness which makes it completely different from rest of the social media channels making it an exciting fun place to test, iterate, and add value to those on the network.

On an average each pin on Pinterest is around 78 cents in sales, drives two site visits and six page views and is repinned around 10 times. It’s amazing isn’t it?

So In this blog we will be talking about various ways through which you can market your small business on Pinterest:

1. Knowing your audience:
The most important thing is identifying who is using pinterest. Know the user demographic. Pinterest is most commonly used by women ages 19 to 29. Below is an image that provides exact demographic data.

Image Credits: @sproutsocial

2. Create a Pinterest Business Account:
Setting up a Pinterest account is very direct and simple, but make sure you’re linking it to your business’s website. Because that is the best practice through which you will be able to attract visits to your site and increase conversions.

3. Create Pinterest boards:

Once you’ve created your account, it’s time to set up Pinterest boards.
The types of Pinterest boards you create will largely depend on what kind of business you run. As a rule, however, try to create a variety of boards that reflect your company culture, product or service, industry, and topics of interest to your ideal client.

4. Make your website Pinterest-friendly:

If you want people to pin content directly from your website, there are two things to keep in mind: you need to make it easy for them to pin your content, and you need to post content worth pinning.
Add Pinterest buttons to your website. The “save” button enables visitors to your site to pin directly to their Pinterest pages, without having to leave your website.

5. Create Pinterest-worthy content:
Apart from optimizing your website for Pinterest, it is equally vital that the content on your site is appropriate for the platform. Pinterest focuses on the visual content, so find out what kind of visual content performs best and create accordingly.

6. Repin other’s content to your boards:
It is equally important that you repin pins that are of similar interest to your pin board. Appreciate work of others. This will add richness to your board.

7. Don’t forget to use the Rich Pin feature of Pinterest:
Rich pins have your website name and icon displayed beneath the pin so that users know where the pin came from. This will help your small business gain some publicity.

8. Promote & Promote some more:
Spread on all your social media platforms and website about your pinterest account. You can also do it through sending emails to your clients and community.

9. Measure:
Measure the progress of your website through the Pinterest. How many people land up on your landing page through your Pinterest profile? This is help you find out the impact Pinterest is making to your website.

Hope you enjoyed reading our blog. If you have any other ideas, suggestions or feedback, let us know in the comment section below! Happy Monday 🙂

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