What is Crowdspeaking & How it can be merged with Social Media?

What is Crowdspeaking & How it can be merged with Social Media?
April 23, 2017 Dhruva Gandhi

This week’s #KonvoConnect had a unique subject of discussion – CrowdSpeaking! Some people might not know what it means and thus we thought to have a full information blog post in detail.

What is Crowdspeaking?

Crowdspeaking is a way of coordinating social media support together for one campaign in order to amplify a message on social networks. Crowdspeaking campaigns are used to raise awareness for a cause, a project, an event or a product.

Crowdspeaking is a service that gathers like-minded users to share one message, at the same exact moment, across each of their individual social media accounts, ensuring it is heard far and wide.

They are based on the same model as Crowdfunding, but instead of money, you campaign for tweets and Facebook shares. Users simply click a button and authorize you to make a one-off post on their account at a specified time. You set a target number of supporters and a deadline when you want the post to go out, provided you reach the target by the deadline your post will be shared simultaneously across hundreds of accounts. All the technical stuff is handled by the crowdspeaking platform and for the campaign initiator and the supporters. Let’s talk about some popular Crowdspeaking tools:

When a pre-agreed number of people have registered, Thunderclap will blast out a timed Facebook post or tweet from all its supporters creating a wave of interest. It’s a great way for startups to spread the word about their business by vastly increasing the reach of their social media presence, but also it provides a great opportunity for them to demonstrate to the big industry players that there is an interest in and need for their particular product or service.

Thunderclap was the first platform on the Crowdspeaking scene. It offers a simple and straightforward way to craft a message, arrange a date and time which will have the most impact and set the level of support one wishes to have before the message goes out.

Thunderclap is not merely a mass mail shot for new products and services but rather caters for a huge range of issues including charities, social activism campaigns and political petitions. But most importantly the level of exposure that a product, idea or movement is given is dictated by how interesting it is, so you needn’t fear being bombarded by tweets or Facebook posts which are of no interest to you.


HeadTalker’s connection with HeadFunder automatically seems to have made it a go-to for people in the crowdfunding industry. By browsing their home page you can see that some campaigns have seen social reach from 300,000 to several million users. According to a recent crowdsourcing.org post, “HeadTalker reached over 60 million social reach total within its first month.”

While HeadTalker does not seem to have the same high profile users as Thunderclap, it works in a similar way and is definitely a viable option for users who want access to the same tools as Thunderclap without having to pay for the more expensive service.

It is absolutely free. It covers platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn. The company encourages you to use YouTube, Google+, Quirky, Pinterest, and AngelList to network with individuals and get them to support your campaign.
– HeadTalker allows you to change your end date free of charge.
– HeadTalker Academy gives users advice on how to have a successful campaign.
– Campaign approval within 24 hours.
– Offers the same features as Thunderclap for free.
– It is a newer service, and it hasn’t had as much time to prove its success.

Effective Use of Social Media for a great Crowdspeaking Campaign

Crowdspeaking platforms works through the use of social media platforms. But the question is – “How will you make your message heard amongst millions of campaigns running through Thunderclap or HeadTalker ?”

There has to be a perfectly thought out Social Media & Content Marketing Strategy for it as well. Following are some tips to follow:

  1. Create an interesting and attention grabbing cover image that speaks for itself and has a clear communication to the users.
  2. The interestingly crafted video message is the most effective as it is audio visual both and carries a higher possibility of going viral.
  3. Always use a campaign specific Hashtag – it archives all the posts at one place.
  4. Plan a schedule to post the crowdspeaking message carefully, taking care what time suits best to your potential supporters according to different social media platforms.

Let us know if this blog post was informative and useful and also do provide us your feedback. We will be back next time with another interesting subject for discussion on #KonvoConnect Tweet Chat, Powered by Konvophilia every Friday 8 pm IST. Stay Tuned !

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