Travel, Blogging and Social Media: A #Konvoconnect Recap

Travel, Blogging and Social Media: A #Konvoconnect Recap
April 8, 2017 Dhruva Gandhi

This week on , we talked about “Travel, Blogging and Social Media” and discovered all about travel blogging, how to use social media for it, talked about the blog marketing strategy, and much more.

We had Rutavi Mehta as our Guest this #Konvoconnect (7/04/2017) who is a very talented Travel Blogger.
Read on to discover all of the awesome insights that were shared during the chat!
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Q1. What does it take to become a travel blogger?
From Rutavi Mehta: (@rutaagayire)

  • Travel Blogging requires genuine love for travel. Dedication to tell stories to world with your personal experience.

From the Community:

  • “The word professional travel blogger means you earn your living from it- it’s a lot more difficult than most people think.” @osx_ali
  • “Love for travel, observation skills, ability to tell a story well and writing skills.” @falgunivasavada
  • “Love to travel & explore.. You have to be an extrovert for being a travel blogger.” @TekiRosh
  • “Apart from your love for travelling, you should be able to spread some peace & happiness around the world with your stories.” @World_Of_Hir

Q2. How do you use social media for your profession?

From Rutavi Mehta: (@rutaagayire)

  • Networking with Tourism brands, travel companies & social media influencers is the best way to Travel Bloggers profession.
  • Social Media becomes the most pillar for a freelancer Travel Blogger . Networking helps in reaching the right target.

From the Community:

  • “Networking is the word you’re looking for 🙂 It gives them the platform to connect with brands and their followers.” @apsster
  • “For bloggers, Social Media are for instant update of everything and interact with the follower base.” @TekiRosh
  • “How can you not? Social Media is the gateway to building your , especially when just starting out.” @osx_ali

Q3. How do you pitch to brands or collaborate with them?

From Rutavi Mehta: (@rutaagayire)

  • It is important that you realize your niche as a Travel Blogger, in today’s competitive world will dilute yourself.
  • Pro Tip: It is always good to come up creative collaboration that really interests the brand.
  • I use a personal Media Kit to send across brands to showcase my work to them. Here
  • A blogger should always use a Media Kit to showcase their collaboration and reach with the brands.
  • Do show some of you work from past and what you can offer to them.

From the Community:

  • “Advice from is to be your own PR agent – research & pay close attention to you’d like to pitch to.” @osx_ali
  • “Just do your thang, travel and blog, brands will pitch Travel Blogger at one point on their own. No need to over do.” @World_Of_Hir
  • “As long as you follow already set practices + your Travel Blogger USP, disseminate and flourish.” @osx_ali

Q4. What is your idea of Travel and how do you blend it with blogging?

From the Community:

  • “For me Travel has always been where I discover the place slowly blogging about the destination helps !My idea of travelling is to explore and experience as much as you can and take pictures which will help you blogging later.” @World_Of_Hir
  • “I travel for food. Culture and people. That’s exactly the reason why I blog too.” @SunOfGan
  • “I would take it as a experience. And that experience I can utilize in creating brand stories.” @DhruvalkMehta
  • “Travel=exploring, discovering, knowing, ideating! Blend the experiences emerging out of this into blogging based on ur USP. My idea of travel is exploring new places & culture!I blend it wid my SM content via images & inspirational exp sharing.” @falgunivasavada
  • “I feel is capturing an ICYMI moment and getting others interested in your ‘view’ – once you have this…” @osx_ali

Q5. What social media tools/apps/platforms are your best friends ?

From Rutavi Mehta: (@rutaagayire)

  • My all time fav- Most of my campaigns I have got through it. Second is as of now

From the Community:

Q6. Which tools you use for writing or editing your blog posts?

From Rutavi Mehta: (@rutaagayire)

  • I actually don’t use much too to write & edit, but helps for errors, notes to take down important facts.

From the Community:

Q7. As a blogger, do you make a content strategy or blog marketing strategy? Please share some tips.

From Rutavi Mehta: (@rutaagayire)

  • Flip on Flipboard, Go to Facebook Groups to share your post. Answer questions on Quora.

From the Community:

  •  “Strategy is needed, how else do you remain consistent? Scheduling times, platforms, geo-tagging, advertisements, styling.” @osx_ali
  • “Make strategy around what you ace in. Experiment and plan. Find your audience accordingly.” @World_Of_Hir

Thank you so much Rutavi Mehta and everyone else who shared their wisdom and insights in this chat!

Do you have any comments or answers to these questions? Leave your thoughts and comments! We’d love to hear from you! 😀

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