Humanizing Brand on Social Media- A #KonvoConnect Recap

Humanizing Brand on Social Media- A #KonvoConnect Recap
April 16, 2017 Dhruva Gandhi

This week’s #Konvoconnect twitter chat discussion was all about the importance of humanizing your brand and how to better it so as to enhance the customer brand experience. Several aspects like brand’s online tone of voice, importance of content marketing in humanizing, and a lot more were discussed during the #konvoconnect twitter chat.

Humanising is simple. It is just difficult to portray the aspects of humanising in a digital environment where there is no face to face conversations, receiving of real time expressions and emotions. We totally love this quote on “humanising brands on social media” found on internet (Illustrator: not known). The illustration rightly depicts that all relationships on social media or in an digital environment has to be earned and it can be earned through your brand’s own value system, like loyalty, emotional bond, storytelling, brand’s true voice, etc.

Read on to discover all of the awesome insights that were shared during the chat!

#Konvoconnect is a weekly Twitter Chat that happens every friday. Join in for healthy discussions and insights on incredible Social Media topics and meet several social media enthusiasts.

This week’s stats: (over a period of 1 hour – during the chat)
49 participants ; 194 tweets ; 43,301 reach ; 1,48,311 impressions

Q1: What do you understand by  brand humanization?

Top Answers:

  • ” I feel it’s the transparency and authenticity of information we share with our clients/ followers.”
  • “Brand Humanisation – building personal connection with the customers.”  
  • “Transparency and authenticity of information.” 
  • “Brand humanisation is making your brand human with a heart & values to be understood among TA :)” @falgunivasavada
  • “Definitely and it relate more into the ‘Trustworthiness” 

Q2: Does your brands online tone of voice matter?

Top Answers:

  • “My brand is my blog, It’s tone is something for everyone. So it’s tone is such that it resonates with all. So yes it does matter. Pitch and tone if resonates with brands and target audience, business flows in. As the content is considered as king in Marketing, Pitch and Tone in #smm does matter creating, n establishing brand.” 
  • ” I would be lying if i say no to this. The way you interact with your customers online makes a lot of difference. ” 
  • “101% it matters as your tone talks about the overall character of the brand 🙂 ” @falgunivasavada
  • “Yes it does matter. I think every single thing should synchronize when a brand is concerned. ”  
  • “It’s the real voice in the era of digitisation. You are being judge on each and every time.” 
  • “Definitely tone of online communication matters #Brand persona is reflected thru this So Better connect if tone is right.” 

Q3: What ways businesses can use to sound like human on Social Media?

Top Answers:

  • “By creating avatars? For eg Vodafone have ZooZoos doing all the talking for them.Also, In post demonetisation days, Paytm came up wid tagline “atm nahi, paytm karo”. Perfct eg 4 brand humanisation. ” 
  • “Tell inside stories, employee’s lives, videos of processes & have a human voice.” 
  • “One would be the responses ! We all hate that automated ones, don’t we. A little customisation doesn’t hurt anyone :)” 
  • “It can be achieved via Customer Satisfaction, client content, affordability and meeting project deadlines. A lot depends on type of social media and target audience, honesty, customer support and creative content can win hearts.” 
  • “By being genuine, humble & responsive! Genuine in actions, humble in stature & responsive 2 interactions!” @falgunivasavada
  • “To make more personal and quick conversation with customers. Every customer wants to be listen by brand and when you listen them and understand them you are good to go.” 

Q4: How important is Humanizing your Brand?

Top Answers:

  • “The bread butter of business, If not humanized, prepare to close down.” 
  • “Well answer is that is how you are going to turn your product into Brand.” 

Q5:  Do you think content marketing can help businesses humanize on Social Media ?

Top Answers:

  • “Definitely. Content is what humanises everything on #socialmedia. ” 
  • “Content is king on social media. With the help of content brand is going to make connection stronger.” 

Thank you so much everyone who shared their wisdom and insights in this chat!

Do you have any comments or answers to these questions? Leave your thoughts and comments! We’d love to hear from you! And yes, stay tuned to next week’s #KonvoConnect, happens every Friday 8 pm IST.

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