#KONVOCONNECT- Twitter Chat Review (Week 1)

#KONVOCONNECT- Twitter Chat Review (Week 1)
February 5, 2017 Dhruva Gandhi

#Konvoconnect is a weekly twitter chat on social media, hosted by passionate Konvophilia team every Friday. It provides a platform to connect and communicate with like-minded people and talk about a trending issue. A series of questions are put forth and people joining the twitter chat express their opinion on the same.

This week (3rd Feb 2017) our topic for the twitter chat was “SOCIAL MEDIA AND US”, wherein general issues and questions relating to social media were posed. Bellow is the summary of discussion:

Q1: One most important change social media has brought into our lives?


Top Answers:
• Social Media has paved a way for consumers allowing issues/queries to be dealt with ease and pace.
• Social Media has changed the way we learn about and respond to natural disasters.

Q2: What value can social media create?


Top Answers:
• It has a power to transform our lives and has bring positive changes
• It helps learn more about customers, engage with audience and extend the brand reach.
• Social media can create a number of goals that can be aligned with brand growth (lead generation, conversion, etc)

Q3: Is social media really helping us socialize?


Top Answers:
• Yes, Social media is fun. It helps connect with people we had no access to.
• We’re socializing more online than ever, Social media isn’t going away anytime soon.
• Yes, absolutely! It helps to socialize if your intent is engagement and not just pushing information out of people.
• Yes, we can reach the world with just one click. It indeed helps us socialize.

Q4: Share your one funny Social Media experience.


Top Answers:
• Complaining on service provider’s social media page/profile and connecting with people who have similar grievances against the company.

Q5: Do you feel social media strengthens relations?


Top Answers:
• Yes, it helps connect with customers on a personal level.
• Social media acts as a mere channel of communication but still people need to use the traditional manner as it is faster.

The #konvoconnect twitter chat has open ended questions and it helps people put forth their views. The overall discussion of the chat was very healthy.

Let’s talk about statistics: #KonvoConnect managed to create 1,92,532 Impressions and managed to reach 54,754 twitter accounts. We appreciate and thank all the contributors and even our readers. 

Our topic for next week’s twitter chat is “All about Twitter Chats”. So we Invite you to join for the same on 10th Feb 2017, Friday at 8PM IST.

Have a very Happy Weekend, Keep Tweeting!

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