Social Media as a serious Career option

Social Media as a serious Career option
January 10, 2017 Dhruva Gandhi

Social Media is fun, engaging, accessible & easy, all at the same time. But how many of you look at it as a career option? To solve this mystery we conducted a small pilot survey on college students in Gujarat about their perspective of approaching Social Media as a serious Career option. And here’s what we have got!

We asked questions relating to their passion for social media, them considering it as a career option, what skill set one requires to be a social media professional, should there be social media courses and so on..

Out of the total respondents of 30 random students of Gujarat from various study backgrounds 90% students were found passionate about Social Media and out of that 100% were serious about considering it as a career option.

Students feel that in order to pursue social media as a career one needs to be techno-savvy, a multitasker and must have a creative mind. Traits like Enthusiasm, eagerness to learn new trends, and to keep with the everyday changing tools are equally important. Knowledge about various designing software’s is what adds value to a social media professional. Social Media professionals need to have a flair for numbers and a strong creative streak which can help them measure ROI and at the same time devise viral campaigns.

Students also felt there should definitely be a separate course that should be taught in Colleges about Social Media because after all that is the “IN” thing.

Earning money out of something you do at your leisure and making career out of it is a definite yes. Firstly, you are never to get bored of what you do. Secondly, it is such an upcoming field and if one is sincerely interested then why not.

Earlier, there was no such thing as a social media degree, but now times have changed.
The demand for employees with social media skills has skyrocketed due to the number of businesses that are using social media as part of their strategic marketing plan. Many colleges and universities have answered this demand by creating social media degree programs that are designed to instruct students in the use of various types of social media – from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Pinterest. And those colleges who don’t have such programs its high time they should start having some.

This was the very basic and random survey done to get the feel about what the young students think about this medium. We will try to gather more detailed perspectives in near future. Do let us know your thoughts !

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