How can social media help an introvert develop his business?

How can social media help an introvert develop his business?
January 16, 2017 Dhruva Gandhi

Introvert is a person who tends to shrink from social contacts and to become preoccupied with their own thoughts. An introvert generally prefers solitary activities to interacting with large groups of people.

Rapid technological progression and enhanced accessibility of social media have changed the way introverts and extroverts interact with the online environment.
But in what way? Technology has changed the way introverts engage with new communication methods — first with the telephone, voicemail, then mobile phones and now always-on social media.

Who said you’ve got to leave the house to be social? Technology and social media platforms have empowered the introvert to connect and communicate their thoughts without face-to-face confrontation.
It is now the social norm to interact with people online because it’s easier to send a message to a friend on Facebook than to call.
Online engagement also allows an introvert to construct a well thought-out response without the pressure of thinking on the spot like they would in a face-to-face discussion.

For the extrovert, networking and posting the latest personal or business successes comes easy. Think about the last business conference or cocktail reception you attended and there is always someone there who you think can naturally “work a room”. They easily introduce themselves, talk about their company, its successes and strike up a conversation.
At the same conference there are those who dread the idea of attending the social hour and would rather retreat to the confines of their hotel room under the guise of having “work to catch up on” or “need to return some phone calls.” For those introverts, social media can be an opportunity to spread the word about the latest personal and professional successes, post about the conference or whatever else they find might be of interest to their target audience and ultimately build their professional presence.

So below are a few tips we would like to give to an individual who is an introvert to develop his/her business by making maximum use of Social Media:
1) Have a complete updated profile of various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook,etc.
2) Connect with your friends, business associates and acquaintances on Social Media.
3) Brand yourself by creating taglines that match your personality and so on.
4) Show your social side by participating into conversations & twitter chats, show your opinion and raise your voice for a cause you support.
5) Contribute to a social media community.
6) Join groups which you are interested in.

And most important of all, be a thought leader. Reach everyone in your network just by posting one piece of information. Once a week, attempt to post an article or other newsworthy item that would be of interest to your group of associates. This is an easy way to reach out with a value proposition and stay top of mind.

Your personality doesn’t matter, be it extrovert, introvert or ambivert, what matters is the fact that social media is a very powerful weapon which if used smartly can take businesses to great heights.

Keep Socialising, your personality no more matters!!

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