Design your Business, not only the Social Media Posts

Design your Business, not only the Social Media Posts
January 23, 2017 Dhruva Gandhi

Business is not only about having a strong social media presence but understanding the needs and demands of your customers and delivering according to their wishes. It’s all about how well you communicate with your customers as well as your employees, and design an effective communication channel.
What good a business is, if it looks all flowery on the outside (on social media) but isn’t strategically concrete on the inside? So we have come up with 9 things businesses should do apart from only taking care of their social media:

1) Research on your customers:
The first and the most important thing a business needs to do is to conduct a research on its own customers so as to understand them better. Only when you know your customers well enough only then can you live up to their expectations and give them what they want.

2) Understanding the needs/wants of customers:
The next in line is understanding the wants of your customers and this can only be done if you have researched well on your customers.

3) Have an effective communication strategy:
Developing a good communication strategy is all about creating different mediums through which a business can interact with its customers as well as employees. Because in order to deliver excellence interaction is a must.

4) Maintain relationship with the employees:
Cordial employee-employer relationship is very essential for the successful operation of the business concern. Employees are to be rewarded, well treated and also provided with all amenities to ensure job satisfaction. This will definitely boost up the employee morale and ensure their cooperation.

5) Establish an efficient reporting channel:
Who is to report to whom? Such minor details must definitely be taken care of when designing the internal environment of a business.

6) Strategically plan your business activities:
The activities and tasks your business performs should always be in sync with what you portray about your business online. Promoting a campaign on social media but not actually implementing it physically is a complete drain of energy and efforts.

7) Have a customer redressal department:
Have a department which looks into the grievances of your customers so that they can be looked into and solved as early as possible.

8) Deliver what you promise:
Making sure that whatever you promise your customers is what your firm should deliver. In no manner should your online posts mislead your customers.

9) After sales service:
This is a major area most businesses forget about. The job is not done after you make a sale. After-sales services play a major role in building your brand image.

Because at the end of the day, social media is only a medium that helps you look good online but the real deal lies into how well you manage and take care of your customers offline.

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