How to plan your Christmas Social Media Campaign?

How to plan your Christmas Social Media Campaign?
December 26, 2016 Dhruva Gandhi

Christmas is a time of the year when the spirit of joy and holiday has taken its toll. It’s a time when people are full with holiday spirit and it is the best time for a brand to plan its social media campaign.
Rather than just sticking a “#HappyChristmas” hashtag on the end of a tweet and taking a selfie by the office tree, brands are pushing the boundaries of creativity to spread their merry message, which has resulted in some fantastic social media campaigns that have stood out from the rest.
Below are some amazing contest ideas that brands used to celebrate Christmas this year:
1) Twitter Contest:

Brands like Club Mahindra and Snpadeal have come up with twitter contests this year (2016).

• Club Mahindra
Club Mahindra have come up with the hashtag #ChristmasWithClubmahindra, wherein  4 questions regarding the festival will be put,  & participant has to like and retweet and even share, Comment the answer, and best answer giver gets to be the winner and a chance to win exciting prices.
Questions like, favorite Christmas activity, Favorite Christmas carol, Best Christmas Gift, were proposed.


club club1 club2

Source: Twitter

• Snapdeal
Snapdeal launched a contest, with the hashtag #TimmyAndJosysChristmas wherein participants will be asked a series of questions regarding the festival and 5 lucky winners would get @freecharge vouchers worth Rs.1000.


Source: Twitter

2) Instagram Giveaway:

• The Body Shop India:
Body Shop is a brand that comes out with unique contests. This time the hosted a Instagram contest using the latest feature of the platform which is Instagram stories. The brand recorded a video of various products and asked its followers to count the number of products of the range ‘frosted berries’ from the all the various products it showcased in its video.


Source: Instagram

• Starbucks:
Starbucks like every other year, came up with a #RedCupContest this year. Wherein participants were asked to use their creative skills on the red cup. And at the end of the contest, 9 winners were announced. They were announced into categories like,
o Cozy up to Red Cups
o Red Cup Adventures
o Light Up Red Cups

starbucks-1 starbucks

Source: Instagram

3) Facebook Contests:

Several brands like #KabhiB, #ToyCart, #velocitycinemas launched a campaign on facebook.

• Kabhi-B


Source: Facebook

• ToyCart

fbc xyz

Source: Facebook

• Velocity Cinemas


Source: Facebook

Use these examples to create an amazing #ChristmasCampaign. Merry Christmas from Team Konvophilia!

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