Product Review: Canva’s iphone App

Product Review: Canva’s iphone App
November 28, 2016 Dhruva Gandhi

The Day my Mail Box gave me the news that a freshly designed Canva application especially for the Iphone’s has launched, my eyes gleamed with happiness. I couldn’t be happier. Working in the field of Digital Media, only people like you and me can understand, what a useful and successful tool Canva is.

The freedom of designing graphics and making creatives with very little knowledge of designing is what has made canva a very popular website. Canva provides a multiple number of layouts, more than a million images, different shapes, filters, texts, color schemes, borders, stickers and so much more. Canva has the ability to overcome all the complexities of various designing software’s and provides all facilities under one roof.

After using both the desktop version and the mobile application of Canva, Here’s what I think about it:


1) Ability to share: When you make an image the app makes it so easy for you to share the image to several other applications on your iphone, be it Whatsapp, imessage, Twitter, Facebook. You can even email it through your iphone’s Mail app. It is also possible to save it to your ibooks as a Pdf File. The image can obviously be saved to your photo gallery and yes, even assign the designed image to one your contacts.

2) Replace the existing Image: The image that you choose under a particular layout can even be replaced with that of your camera album image. Remember you can set that image as a background.

3) Possibility of creating multipage designs: Initially this feature was not available, but with new updates coming every week, Canva has made it possible to create multipage designs within the app.

4) Availability of filters: There is a possibility to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation point, etc etc. of your design like any other photo editing application which the desktop version doesn’t have. So here’s a plus.

5) Availability of Text: Almost every text style that is available in the desktop version is available in the Application.


1) Inability to add picture/logo in the design: If you have been using the desktop version of Canva you would know that you can upload images into your design anytime. But here’s a limitation. It is not possible to add a logo/another picture to your design from the camera roll. I am sure Canva would come with an update about it soon.

2) Limitation of Layouts: Unlike the website that provides layouts for almost every design type possible, the application is limited to 10-12 layouts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc). Which is obviously not bad, But Canva our expectations from you are really high, because the comparison is with your desktop version, which is too damn good.

3) Limitation of design types: While using the desktop version one can go on and on scrolling for searching the perfect design, but the application is very limited to this. There are at max 100 designs available under each layout, which is obviously not even 50% of what the website provides us. Canva, We Want More!

Looking at the pro’s and con’s of the application, It’s definitely an app you should have in your phone if you are even 1% interested in designing. It is a savior in situation of crisis. But even if you have used or are using the desktop version which is definitively so much more advanced, you wouldn’t regret downloading the app. The Size of the app is 92.4 MB. It even offers in house app purchases.

Click here to Download and Experience the Canva’s iphone app Now! Comment your ratings about the app below.

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