11 Reasons Every Content Creator Should Know about Why to CUARTE Content

11 Reasons Every Content Creator Should Know about Why to CUARTE Content
October 17, 2016 Dhruva Gandhi

Why to CUARTE Content? Before we jump to the why, let us first understand what ‘Content Curation’ mean. ‘Content Curation’ is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organised way around a specific theme.

Content curation features handpicked content, often introduced with a snippet of copy from the curator. Performed correctly, content curation can create a big value addition.

Regularly producing original content for a company isn’t easy. Statistics say finding the time to create original content is the top challenge for 75 percent of content marketers. And the solution to this is Curating content or repurposing existing content.

Here are some reasons why should brands curate content:

  1. Content curation is a natural solution to a natural phenomenon: resource abundance. It not only helps establish thought leadership but also helps in increasing brand visibility.
  1. Curation helps people understand and learn better any subject. It guides interested individuals to discover and learn about a subject in greater depth by gathering and contextualising the best information available on it and not just a single-expert viewpoint.
  1. Curation saves people time by bringing right into focus key stories, resources, information and tools that have already been vetted, sorted and organized by subject-matter experts.
  1. Curation is a spontaneous and vital information management activity of any overabundant information ecosystem like the Internet that generates tons of new content that is disorganized, unverified, hard to find and more often than not published and distributed out of context and disconnected from other relevant and complementary information.
  1. Curation helps individuals learn any subject better and in greater depth than any other approach as it provides the perfect pathway to truly dive, question, immerse and interact with whatever issue or subject.
  1. Curation facilitates discovery of new, rare to find, unknown valuable resources that could otherwise go unnoticed.
  1. Curation helps to uncover and identify patterns and relationships between information resources that are generally not immediately evident.
  1. Curation promotes a critical thinking attitude and a more comprehensive-holistic-organic view on any subject, instead of the simplistic black / white, true / false perspective adopted in most situations today.
  1. Curation puts the human individual back in the driver seat, electing him/her as the preferred guide to discover, investigate and learn any subject not by way of referring, passing on, or refining what reported by others but by actually questioning, vetting, gathering diverse voices and viewpoints into a cohesive whole.
  1. Curation takes to heart the preservation of quality, valuable and rare information artifacts, acknowledging the flimsiness and ephemeral nature of the Internet and of its publishers. Public, non-commercial digital curation provides a social good, a commons that everyone can benefit from.
  1. Curation is not finite, definitive, static & complete. Rather curation promotes and invites questioning, participation, contributions, improvements and revisions in a never-ending process.

This was all about why brands should focus on Content Curation. Our next blog post would talk about Content Co-Curation. Stay Tuned !

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