Business Blogging Trends You Must Follow

Business Blogging Trends You Must Follow
July 18, 2014 Dr.Khushbu Pandya

Business blogging is one aspect of overall marketing strategy that many organizations tend to ignore. However, the latest trends show businesses that want to build brand loyalty, generate new leads and foster thought leadership are the ones to use business blogging successfully and efficiently.

Why Business Blogging is a Must?

When you check out the figures, you will realize the advantage of blogging and widening your customer base.

Nearly 81 percent consumers in the United States tend to trust information that they read on blogs, according to BlogHer; and nearly 61 percent tend to buy products based on recommendations they read on blogs. This shows business blogs can be a potent media to reach out to existing and prospective clients to market products and services.

According to HubSpot, 92 percent companies that blog several times a day have been successful in getting new clients through their blogs. Furthermore, InsideView claims B2B marketers generate 67 percent more leads with blogging compared to those marketers, who do not use blogs.

These figures clearly show the power of business blogging and it should become an integral part of any business’ marketing strategy.

When Should You Publish Blogs?

The frequency of publishing business blogs are as follows:

• 18 percent of all blog posts are published on Tuesday and Wednesday
• 17.9 percent tend to be published on Thursday
• 17.2 percent of all blogs are published on Monday
• 15.9 percent are published on Friday

Even the weekends are used for posting blogs, with 6.8 percent on Sunday and 6.3 percent on Saturday.

In contrast, if you look at the sharing that occurs in social media, most happens during the weekends when people are free. Maximum social sharing of blog content occurs on Saturday, followed by Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The least sharing occurs on Monday.

Hence, business blogs that tend to post on working and business days would benefit more if they post their blogs during the weekend. This will ensure more social sharing and will help businesses generate leads and acquire more customers.

Furthermore, most businesses tend to post blogs during regular business hours, which are from 9 am to 6 am. However, research from TrackMaven shows the posts that are published between 9 pm and midnight garners maximum social shares. This means businesses can reach their potential customers if they post their blogs after business hours, as people tend to be online during their leisure time and not burdened by work-related activities.

Other Interesting Trends on Business Blogging

Today, a vast majority of consumers is looking for information and solution online. Hence, the quality of the blogs should be impeccable. In the absence of high quality content that offers solutions and informs target audience how a product or service can help them, the aim of business blogging will not be fulfilled.

Nearly 60 percent consumers tend to have more positive view about a company if they read custom content on the company’s site, according to ContentPlus; potential clients are more likely to engage with businesses if they have branded content on social networking sites that include images, videos and status updates.

These business blogging trends show that businesses should engage in blogging to create brand awareness, brand loyalty and widen their customer base. So, if you are not blogging, you are missing out on the huge advantage that you can have over your competitors.

Dr. Khushbu Pandya is the first person in Gujarat & India to initiate and successfully complete her Doctoral study in Social Media field. She has worked in academics and industry both and then started her own consulting and training firm to help brands and professionals achieve their social media goals. More about her is documented at

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  1. Kaushal Mankad 4 years ago

    Agreed…while websites are still a mainstay of the Internet, websites have never really enjoyed the kind of popularity that blogs have recently gotten. Blogging has become a real social phenomenon over the past few years and for good reason too.

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