6 Social Media Tips to Strengthen Offline Relationships

6 Social Media Tips to Strengthen Offline Relationships
March 29, 2014 Dr.Khushbu Pandya


Now here is something that I scream out to people when there is a negativity about social media. Yes, if the medium is used wrongly, consequences are bound to be harmful. BUT, there is no doubt that this medium offers plentiful opportunities and benefits. I have heard people often saying that social media obstructs and hinders the offline relationships, whether it is personal or professional. I would like list down few points, which actually is a turn-around. Social Media can fuel up the offline relationships, giving more power to relationships rather than to any medium.

While social media is an undisputed champion of finding prospective business connections, it is also an excellent way to polish relationships with existing ones. Mastering your social media skills can help you enhance offline business relationships. Top 6 tips on working on your offline relationships through the medium of social media follow here.


1)   Know Where (on the web) Your Customers Are

Choose an appropriate network of socializing on the web. Different businesses demand different tones of conversation, and therefore a relevant social networking platform. Determine which one suits you best, and where most of your business connections would be most active. We recommend that you choose more than one site to market your business and connect with your allies. For example, a combination of blogging with another site like Twitter or Facebook works well.


2)   Make Your Connections Aware of Your Web Presence

Although it’s easy to locate who does what on the web, it would be good practice to proactively inform all your connections about your active pages on social media. Request them to join you on these networks so that they can stay connected with you.


3)   Many People Express Better and Open up More on Texts – Initiate Personal Online Conversations with Them

Those with a reserved demeanor tend to be more responsive on texts and other forms of written communication. Assess if any of your connections fall into this category and try connecting with them regularly on social media personal chats to learn about their feedback and further requirements. Chances are that you’ll get much more and much substantial information this way than you would in telephonic conversations or face to face meetings.


4)   Use it as a Means to Stay in Touch Between Physical Meetings

Given the tight work schedules we all run on, it may not always be possible to keep meeting all your important connections, despite the desirability of it. In such a case, social media bridges the gap by letting you stay at least electronically connected. Sometimes a simple greeting and an inquiry about how they’re doing works the trick at keeping up business bonding.


5)   Keep Your Offline Relations Updated about What You Are Up To As a Company

Spreading information about your latest moves is many times easier on social networks than by any other means. You can very conveniently send across any message you like to your contacts, be it a new product launch, extension of services, change in policies, schemes, etc.


6)   Form an Interesting Community that Your Offline Connections Can Join

Form a community that your customers would enjoy being a part of. Make it relevant to their professional interests and bring under its umbrella as many of your offline contacts as possible. They’d even get the opportunity of meeting like minded people through your community. Organize social media seminars, discussions, conversations and events to keep stirring interactions. An overall positive atmosphere where people can discuss and innovate will offer several indirect benefits to you as well – engaging your interests do not go without advantages!

Dr. Khushbu Pandya is the first person in Gujarat & India to initiate and successfully complete her Doctoral study in Social Media field. She has worked in academics and industry both and then started her own consulting and training firm to help brands and professionals achieve their social media goals. More about her is documented at www.drkhushbupandya.com


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