How the Social Media Industry has Grown till Today

How the Social Media Industry has Grown till Today
February 26, 2014 Dr.Khushbu Pandya

Social Media Industry

This is undoubtedly the decade of social media, and its use for business grows unrestricted year after year. The channels change their orders of popularity, marketing preferences change, but the overall domain of social media rises consistently. An appreciable number of businesses have even started integrating their social media activities with traditional marketing. Following is a quantitative review of the social media industry for 2013 based on a survey done on marketing professionals.

Marketers are already Spending a Significant Amount of Time Honing Their Presence in the Social Media Front

62% professionals spend 6 or more hours per week on social media chores, 36% dedicate 11 or more hours solely to social network marketing campaigns, and 17% give as many as 20 hours to the social networking space. It is interesting to note that besides their business requirements, the number of hours professionals devote to social media is directly proportional to the duration for which they’ve been active in the sphere. This means, the longer you stick to social media marketing, the more you discover about the platforms’ usability, and the more time per week, you dedicate to it.

The Benefits that These Marketers Have Explored in Social Media

Marketers see numerous benefits such as establishing brand loyalty, generating leads, increasing direct sales, improving search rankings and gaining marketplace insights. The leading positions however are occupied by increased traffic and increased exposure.

Social Networking Channels with Maximum Marketers’ Traffic

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging and YouTube are the most widely used channels by marketers across the globe, followed by Google+ and Pinterest. Of these, YouTube and blogging usage are expected to increase the most; 69% of the correspondents plan to increase their use of YouTube, 66% blogging. Blogging remains a favorite among the self-employed businesses and among those with significant domain experience while LinkedIn is the go-to choice of B2B marketing personnel, with 78% of them planning to enhance their LinkedIn presence.

Podcasting to Grow Manifolds

The power of podcasts is no longer hidden from the marketing fraternity. 5% of the survey respondents said they were already utilizing podcasting for marketing, and an additional 24% plan on taking the plunge.

The Younger Lots Invade the Scene

Social media continues to remain a youth-dominated arena. Young marketers are much more likely to spend big chunks of their workdays working on their social media pages than their senior counterparts. With social media gaining firm ground, new professions based purely on its effective usage have come up and are blossoming.

26% of the Total Social Media Marketing Activity in the Industry Gets Outsourced

Companies see sense in outsourcing at least a part of their social media related marketing activities. Nearly 26% marketers outsource to other companies and freelance professionals.Design and development, content creation and analytics are the most commonly outsourced arms of social media marketing efforts.

The above numbers are clearly encouraging for businesses to invest time and resources into the social media sphere. For those unable to manage it themselves, there is always the gift of effective outsourcing!


Dr. Khushbu Pandya is the first person in Gujarat & India to initiate and successfully complete her Doctoral study in Social Media field. She has worked in academics and industry both and then started her own consulting and training firm to help brands and professionals achieve their social media goals. More about her is documented at


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