Building Active Conversations on Your Facebook Page

Building Active Conversations on Your Facebook Page
February 9, 2014 Dr.Khushbu Pandya


Facebook conversations are a fun way to interact with your customers, followers and fans. It is a part of the process of engaging customers through social media. In addition, chat threads can dig up valuable information for you that is hard to discover through other channels. Personal preferences, views about your products, the way people perceive your brand and in-demand stuff are easy to find out if you steer the chats on your Facebook page in the right direction.

Employing these basic strategies and Facebook etiquette can help you build substantial conversations on your Facebook page.

  • Invest Time and Thought Into Creating Fierce Threads that Instantly Pique Readers’ Interests

Recognize your audience and post content that instantly grabs their attention. It could be a piece of news, a new trend, a knowledgeable write-up or some nice graphics – make your posts interesting and relevant in order to prompt people to reply and engage in conversation with one another.

  • Explicitly Solicit Comments and Views

End your posts with a question. Pro-actively invite people to comment and converse with you and with others on the page. Strive Towards Impeccable Customer Service When you encourage people to converse with one another on Facebook, you are also encouraging word of mouth publicity; therefore, pay attention to every individual’s experience with your brand in order to generate an overall positive brand image.

  • The Web Audience Seeks Instant Gratification: Reply Promptly to Comments Seeking Your Participation

Not all comments to your Facebook chat threads would need you to be responsive. But the ones that do, for example, comments asking for product descriptions or prices, expressing dissatisfaction over a particular experience with your brand, or requiring any other clarifications, should be replied to with speed and correctness. Even when a customer praises your brand or product, etiquette demands that you send her a quick message of acknowledgement.

  • Install Apps Dedicated to Discussions

You can install additional apps on your Facebook page dedicated solely to discussions. Forum for Pages is one such app that lets you have a separate discussion platform on your page. You can assign it to some specific discussions like customer queries or keep it open to any kinds of discussions related to your brand and its messages.

  • Reply to Posts Initiated by Individuals

One way to initiate conversations on a Facebook page is by starting them on your own; the other one is to respond to posts by others on your page and let them follow-up on the same thread. Even if a customer is unhappy with any of your products or services, you can use the public space to solve them and win appreciation as a brand that truly makes the effort to resolve customer issues.

If you are a customer-oriented brand, Facebook is just the right space for you to connect with an audience and spread the word about your excellence. Conversations will certainly help you get there, and the time investment you make on keeping up interesting Facebook page chats will quickly pay off.

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