10 Compelling Content Ideas to Make Your Blog Go Viral

10 Compelling Content Ideas to Make Your Blog Go Viral
February 24, 2014 Dr.Khushbu Pandya

Top 10 content ideas for blogging

You begin with un-containable enthusiasm and slowly go dull and weary due to a lack of new ideas – this is the ordeal most bloggers go through; you are certainly not the only one! It is without a doubt a nerve-wracking task to think of a topic to compile an article on every single day.

To make it better, we have put together a list of 10 content ideas that will make blogging easier on your nerves and consistently interesting for your precious readers.

1) Lists, Tips, Numbers – Make the Title and Post Style Look like a Quick Help Section

The beautiful words woven together to form long paragraphs that make for a pleasurable read, unfortunately don’t work on most blogs with some exceptions of a niche audience of real readers. The most widely read blog posts are ones that look like a quick and helpful read. Whatever you have to say, try fitting it into a list, section of tips or a numbered sequence.

2) Do Some Purely Visual Posts

You don’t need to write textual content for each of your posts. Some visual content is often compelling enough to drive traffic without much text in the post. If you find something interesting like an infographic, picture or video, upload it on your blog as an independent post. Do remember to mention the source in case you are picking up from other websites.

3) Include Reviews and Recommendations from Your Relevant Field

Reviews about a product, website, book, music album – anything that suits your audience is good enough. Recommend products that you genuinely like and write honest reviews to win appreciation.

4) Make a Physical Note of an Idea Whenever You’re Blessed With One

Ideas are God’s gift, and a wasted idea is a major loss! And as they say, a short pencil is better than a long memory, keep a little notebook and pencil with you to make notes of ideas whenever they magically emerge in your head.

5) Syndicate Other Useful Web Resources

Syndicating or adding RSS feeds is a good way to always have something to offer to your readers. Partner with some genuine sites that publish regular and substantial content.

6) Play the Journalist by Covering Events from Around the Globe

Current affairs get good readership. Subscribing to some news websites specific to your domain will also keep your own knowledge up to date besides providing you with valuable material to write about.

7) Do Some “How to” Posts

The web is filled with “How tos” in every nook and corner of it. They sure are commonplace – but then, they are incredibly popular! A simple headline saying “how to” gives a message of something useful and quick to follow – precisely what the sharp majority of web audience prefer.

8) Share Some Personal Experiences

Your blog is an expression of your individuality. Even if you are blogging professionally, a few personal experiences in some way connected to the domain of the blog get appreciated. Add just the right amount of spice and sugar if you wish to, but do not let the original flavor of the story be overpowered by them.

9) Do a Few Retrospective Posts

A recap of the previous year, recalling the best and the worst of inventions in the last few years, or even posting links to your best posts in the past till date make for good blog entries.

10) Assemble Some “Best of All Time” Lists

The best romantic songs of all time, the best fictional novels of all time, the most watched movies of all time, the best blogs of all time – think of some interesting lists and do some posts on them.

Do you have more blogging ideas? Do share in comments section below and you help others with your ideas 🙂

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