Corporate Blogging: The Effective Potion for Building Businesses

Corporate Blogging: The Effective Potion for Building Businesses
January 19, 2014 Dr.Khushbu Pandya

Blogging Benefits

Corporate blogging is a fresh and effective method for lead generations and client engagement. Although effective for businesses of all scales, active corporate blogs are a blessing to small to medium sized businesses in particular. If you are a business owner or a business development head, you can benefit immensely by maintaining a blog talking about best practices, latest news and executive-opinions around your business.

Readership of Blog Directly Affects the Traffic on Your Website

Blog post that generate readers’ interest is bound to get readers to your website. This way, a blog makes for a cost-effective strategy to market your business. However, do make sure that the content you publish on your blog is engaging, original, and constantly updated, for, a bad blog will do more harm than good. Also, it’s a good idea to employ SEO and online positioning techniques to keep the blog visible on web searches.

Blogs are Platforms for Lead Generation

A recent survey on B2B marketing has shown that up to 33% of the total leads of those who maintain corporate blogs comes through the blogs. The number is quite significant, especially when you consider the low cost of running a blog.

A Blog is an Excellent Medium for Engaging Existing and Prospective Clients

Everybody is appreciative about an enriching piece of information that helps them understand their related trades better. When you write blog posts, write them from an angle that is perceived to be useful to your target clientele; for example, if you build information systems for human resource management, doing posts on latest HR trends may help engage your clients. Besides, people reading your blog for useful information, will be more likely to prefer you to others in the domain when they actually require a B2B solution.

Contributions from Senior Executives Helps Build Credibility

Dedicate columns to the senior management and other senior staff of your company. Their writings are sure to fetch a bigger and higher quality readers’ base. Getting senior staff to contribute to your corporate blog would help build a solid network of followers.

Enhances Brand Visibility

This is one of the most coveted and also the likeliest outcome of maintaining a great blog. Your brand gets visible not only quantitatively but also qualitatively.

You Can Syndicate Your Blog for Getting Some Valuable Content

Syndicating your blog to other trusted sites that get a constant influx of information is another way of keeping your blog up to date. Choose syndicate sites wisely and keep monitoring them to ensure that your blog gets only the best of relevant content from around the web.

Avoid Explicit Promotions on Your Blog

Although a corporate blog is steered towards generating business, it is not a direct means of promotion. Instead of explicit promotions, your blog must provide an information-rich platform for people to connect with you, thereby becoming an indirect lead generator.

Start a business blog if you haven’t already, and update it religiously for gaining valuable online space. Genuine information is the best way to winning over your clients’ hearts (and heads)! 

Dr. Khushbu Pandya is the first person in Gujarat & India to initiate and successfully complete her Doctoral study in Social Media field. She has worked in academics and industry both and then started her own consulting and training firm to help brands and professionals achieve their social media goals. More about her is documented at


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