WEAVE Model: Global Strategy for Weaving Social Media into Your Business

WEAVE Model: Global Strategy for Weaving Social Media into Your Business
October 3, 2013 admin

This would be my first blog post where I would be officially introducing “WEAVE Model – Global Strategy for Weaving Social Media into Your Business” Book. It is my first book project and I would love to share the story behind making of this book, which is very interesting.book2

I would start from where the idea emerged. It was a quick thought in my mind while writing thesis chapters. In the process of collecting literature review, I came across many research papers and articles about the impact of social media on consumers and about how brands should start understanding the importance of social media, as it has started influencing customer’s purchase decisions. The deeper research into the area pushed me to understand the relationships of consumers and brands in the age of Social Media. Questions started popping in mind relating how businesses should take up social media – only as a fad or as a serious medium. The research process started answering questions and with time, I too realised the changing relationship of customer and businesses.

At the base of any business, there are deep roots of fundamentals. We all are aware that the management gurus and experts have developed many useful fundamentals and theories in the management discipline. Still today, we read them and take reference of it whenever we face problems in solving issues. The point here I want to make is that fundamentals, principles and basics hold a very important place in every field, and WEAVE model is no exception. The model is more about the theoretical fundamentals residing at the base of every business operation.
WEAVE model is a combination of five strategies in form of five principles.

Principle 1 – Word of mouth;

Principle 2 – Engage and empower relations;

Principle 3 – Authenticity and transparency;

Principle 4 – Value and trust;

Principle 5 – Emotional connect.

WEAVE principles act like an agenda while setting up business goals and creating strategies and helps integrating social media into the business, as a result of which any business can develop as a ‘social business’. A social business is such that aligns its social strategies to business goals. Here is the summary of the WEAVE Model – Global Strategy for Weaving Social Media into Your Business.

Principle 1: Word of Mouth – Businesses survive on this very basic and fundamental rule of Word of Mouth. It is the most traditional way of marketing, which will never die.
Principle 2: Engage & Empower Relations – Relationships are like blood to any organization. Without customers, no business can survive. It is rightly said that, a strong bond with one customer can bring in thousand more.
Principle 3: Authenticity & Transparency – The secret to successful business lies in its roots. Honesty is still the best policy and it reaps huge benefits in businesses too.
Principle 4: Value & Trust – Businesses need to deliver value to customers and only then they will gain customer’s trust in return. There is a direct relationship between Value and Trust. Higher the value delivered, higher will be the trust.
Principle 5: Emotional Connect – This is something that is beyond everything else. It is unseen but felt. Today, Social Media has helped businesses to build emotional connect with their employees, colleagues, customers, environment, society, government, and many other stakeholders.

In the Book, each principle is explained with detail and clarity, about how to achieve and align each principle with business strategies, to realize its benefits. The book is in simplest language, avoiding jargons, short and direct form. It would serve as the best guide to keep with you each time.

I hope the Book will help you frame your social business strategy in systematic way. It will also bring you more closer to your own organization. In case, you need further help in designing social strategies, Konvophilia can help you with Social Media Strategy Consulting services. More information about the Book can be availed here.


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