Twitter Marketing: How to Build Valuable Followers with excellent Twitter Marketing Strategy

Twitter Marketing: How to Build Valuable Followers with excellent Twitter Marketing Strategy
October 1, 2013 admin

Is “Twitter” a part of your Social Media Strategy? If YES, then this is something that will interest you and you can check the list given below to crosscheck the things that you currently do or have missed out doing. Twitter is a great platform with a powerful distribution of information in this connected world. It is a network, which holds huge potential for creating a valuable business network around the globe. We can safely say that its a Global Information Network. Gone are the days where customers used Social-Media-and-Your-Job-Search_heroto wait for hours on a call to complain about a product or service. Today, they just post it on Twitter and the world knows about the bad experience of a customer.
That is the reason why one should include ‘Twitter Marketing’ in the marketing mix of the firm.
Twitter Marketing Essentials List:

  1. Choosing a perfect Twitter Username
  2. Set up a complete Profile with relevant profile picture (company logo for brands and professional photo for individual professionals)
  3. Upload customised background suitable to your brand image
  4. Include your website and blog links
  5. Don’t forget to include your location
  6. Create a short description of your brand or yourself that perfectly explains who you are


4 Step Twitter Marketing Strategy

4 Step Twitter Marketing Strategy
Now that the perfect twitter account has been created, its time to start tweeting, following and get followers.

  1. Set your goals

One needs to define the goals for twitter marketing before getting into it. Why you would like to tweet? What you want to achieve through it? And what are your defined goals? Are you tweeting to –

  • Reach out to your audience and current customers
  • Tap down potential customers
  • Increase traffic to your website or blog
  • Handle customer service
  • Increase sales
  • Increase customer engagement through conversations
  • Promote and market products or services
  • Spread professional knowledge just as a bonus for your audience
  • Increase followers

Setting up goals will help in assign relevant measurement metrics to measure these goals time to time. It will also allow deciding on the success and failure ratio. Hence, it is important to decide – why and for what purpose are you doing twitter marketing.

2. Select a niche

You first need to select a focus area for tweeting. One should not tweet just about anything and everything. Tweet should be of quality content, relating to your focus area or revolving around your business. Twitter is the best channel to market your blog. Therefore, if you have your business blog, that means you have your content strategy ready and relevant content to spread to the world. The link to your blog articles can be the best topic to tweet about. This will spread your business information worldwide. Secondly, it will build a relevant ‘followers’ list, who are interested to receive your content. Other than that, one can tweet about relevant news and information in context to selected niche topic.

3. Develop marketing tactics to achieve goals

twitter-bird-white-on-blueThere are various twitter tools available for managing your tweets and twitter marketing plans. Tweets can be pre planned till desired period of time – like one month or two months, etc and schedule it for auto tweeting. This will save time and energy both. Also it will help in managing your efforts with other social media marketing. Other tactics include – using relevant hash tags (#) for better visibility of tweets, start talking to people using mentions (@) giving credits to people, sending out thank you message for retweets, asking questions to followers, answering to customers queries and open questions asked by people about your topic, etc. These are few tips for growing followers on twitter as well as strategising marketing efforts.

4. Monitor efforts

Twitter marketing efforts should be monitored and measured from time to time. This would be done by monitoring the feedback and comments that are received through direct mentions and messages. It can be done manually or through monitoring and measuring tools like twitter analytics, Google analytics, Twitter Counter, etc. You can also use ‘URL shortening’ tools like that shortens the links, as twitter has only 140 characters to tweet. This will also help in measuring clicks and lets you analyse clicks on twitter.

Final Words

Twitter Marketing is very much essential for spreading business information and taking your business to global level. You need to continuously explore and experiment with different strategies, as the social media ecosystem is changing rapidly every day.

Need more help regarding your Twitter Marketing strategy? We will help you create your customized twitter marketing strategy. You can refer to our services for more information and request a free social media audit report. You can also subscribe to our “social diary” for free social media resources that will help you get started doing social media marketing.


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