How to Find ‘Questions’ Your Customers Are Asking on Social Media about Your Product or Service?

How to Find ‘Questions’ Your Customers Are Asking on Social Media about Your Product or Service?
October 7, 2013 admin

This was one of the questions asked to me at the event. Again, I thought to put it as a blog post so that many other readers too can benefit from it.
So, basically, you are using social media to generate leads and hence, you want to know what questions consumer are asking about your product or service. You want to find those questions, but where and how to find them? Here are few useful sources for searching questions:

1. Quora
Quora is a Q&A (Question & Answer) social networking website that offers high-quality resource. You can find questions relating to any kind of industry ranging from technology to fashion to cooking and crafts. You will find a search bar mentioning “Type Question Here” at the upper right hand side of the website. Start typing obvious question keywords and a drop down list will appear that matches your question. You can select from those or even add your own question. Select it and you will find the high quality discussion and sometimes from the true source itself.
You can also search for topics instead of questions. Match keywords in the search bar and find the topic discussions. Here, you can scroll down to discussions and find that people have asked questions or raised problems regarding product or service. Quora provides topic pages so one can follow the topics, answer the questions, follow the questions, and also set up RSS feed of questions. These important features of Quora, makes it highly likeable among businesses and customers.

2. Twitter Search

Twitter search serves as the best place to search for customer questions. It is very simple and easy to use. Just type a desired keyword and suffix a question mark – ‘?’ to twitterandsearch-1024x576your keyword. All the tweets consisting that keyword with a question mark will stack up. You can respond to the questions and offer solutions. Do not over-promote your offerings, just be resourceful and make useful suggestions.

3. LinkedIn Answers

Just like Quora, LinkedIn too has a Q&A format inside it, other than just professional networking site. LinkedIn Answers is the best platform for B2B customers, as LinkedIn itself is proved as the best site for B2B social networking. One can provide its expertise answer on customer queries and become a help resource for them. The readers have the choice to choose your answer as the best among all, and if that happens, you become the topic expert and gain points as well. Featuring as an expert in your industry will gain credibility for you and your business.
Hearing to questions raised by potential customers and addressing their problems can be a huge source of lead generation. It will also address problems of existing LinkedIn_Answers_58656customers and helps in providing thought leadership.

Hence, these three sources are the best places to start customer research for your business. It not only helps in customer research but also provides you the chance to be the best resource and expertise person in your own niche and industry type.

Have you used these resources? Was it helpful to you? Are there any other websites you think can be used for searching customer questions? Please share your experiences here and let us know more about your views. We always love hearing varied experiences.


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