Achieving Success with Social Media Marketing

Achieving Success with Social Media Marketing
October 10, 2013 admin

Social Media Marketing is the new area to focus for businesses and marketers. The question that marketers used to ask about social media – “is it useful?” is now eliminated. There is no doubt about the fact that social media marketing is a fad. This medium can’t be ignored at all. The only decision is left to decide on how this medium can be used to reap benefits for business activities. Achieving success with social media marketing involves a planned and strategic approach. There are three ways to achieve success with social media marketing.

  • Social Media Integration bigstock_Social_media_on_Smartphone_21485075

To achieve success with social media marketing involves excellent integration of social media strategies with marketing strategies of the business. Traditional marketing can never be ignored completely. With the advent of this new marketing channel, it requires the integration of the same into the overall marketing plan of the company. Only then, one can achieve success with social media marketing. Businesses still feel that only being present on social media is enough. That’s not true. Being present and being actively involved are two different things. One can be actively involved in social media only if they know – who they are talking with, what the purpose is, what will be the end output, and what lies in its future. The ‘Integration’ of Social Media Marketing strategies with other marketing strategies and business goals of the firm can achieve huge success.

  • Social Media Analytics

The second most important way for achieving success with social media marketing is having qualitative analytics and tools for analyzing social data. With social media, there is a bombardment of social information about the consumers and clients. The need of the hour is to analyze these big data and convert into meaningful findings. Social Media Analytics leads to powerful information, derived directly from the consumers, about their characteristics, preferences, attitudes, buying behaviour, etc. It collects deeper insights and gives the big picture as well as specific information about the target market. Businesses need to have clear social media goals, integration of those goals with business goals, measuring metrics and social media analytics social-media-webplan. This systematic approach will lead to a successful social media marketing for the businesses.

  • Social Media Marketing Skills

Social Media websites are the channels that help in marketing the products and services of the company. The absence of marketing plan and skills will result in to having a social media marketing blunders. There are few firms, who have experienced failure due to their huge mistakes and blunders in doing it wrong. Social Media Marketing obviously requires excellent marketing skills, understanding of core marketing fundamentals, understanding consumer behaviour and the softer side of marketing. Lack of these skills will result affect the engagement, influence, the hierarchy of effects, conversation with consumers and other key elements for success with social media marketing.

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